There's an App for that!

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There's an app for that

I recently came across this image of an app that portrays the “There’s an app for that” phrase made common by Steve Jobs/Apple. But seriously, for a boyfriend?

The application is Cosmo For Guys (CFG), an iPad-only magazine that claims to help guys make better relationship decisions. I would have loved if there was an Android version for this, but sadly, there isn’t. But do consider that years ago we couldn’t imagine that we would be getting relationship advice from a tablet.

What do you think? If you owned an iPad, would you install and use this app?


  1. This app isn’t free. It involves a monthly subscription of $1.99. Not a fan of these gender based magazine though. Or I may’ve given it a try. I don’t think it’s worth my monthly subscriptions!

  2. @Eye.Bee.Kay – there probably already is an app for that 🙂

    It is probably for people who don’t get out much and have pretty poor social skills (or helps them psychoanalyse their behaviour with the opposite sex).

    An app can never take the place of real world interaction. You could probably get a book for the same but you’d still have to put what you’ve learnt into practice.

    No, I’ve never needed nor made use of magazines like that in the real world.

  3. Technology can never that the place of real world communication. Hey, there’s this girl down my street I’ve been eyeing but I just can’t talk to her. Steve Jobs – there’s an app for that

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