I read a Reuters news article this morning – and I swear, I will not dignify it with a link. In the article, the writer

These blundering American "tech" writers again

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I read a Reuters news article this morning – and I swear, I will not dignify it with a link. In the article, the writer said this, and I quote:

Once the world’s dominant mobile phone provider, Nokia was late to embrace smartphones, and has also been losing market share in less expensive mobile phones.

Who is the idiot who wrote that? Don’t Reuters have any editors? Of course, when I checked the article’s credit, it turns out it was written by two air-heads based in New York. Apologies to Americans in general, but your mobile tech writers and bloggers are mostly too green to be writing about mobile tech history.

It is only on an American tech site that you will find Nokia’s S40 OS being refered to as “Symbian.” For crying out loud, these guys freaking have no idea what they are talking about half of the time. Blistering barnacles.

When a person makes an ignorant statement like “Nokia was late to embrace smartphones,” you get the idea that he was in diapers when the rest of the world were using Nokia”s excellent Communicators and such iconic smartphones as the E61, N95 and the like.

Nokia was a pioneer smartphone manufacturer. As far back as 2002, the 9210 Communicator was the top smartphone in the market. And many other manufacturers were not even on the smartphone radar then. At all.

I weep for what Nokia has become today, because this is a brand that has been a trend-setter from the word Go.

But I do get tired of ignorant people passing off mis-information. And from Reuters? Pile of dung. History is history. Facts are facts.

Nokia was not late to the smartphone game. They invented it, and they stayed on top of that game by a wide margin for about ten (10) years. That’s no joke. Give them their due credit.

Nokia’s key error was in failing to innovate fast enough after ten years of success in the smartphone race. Then, they hired a CEO to kill off everything that they had been known for. That has cost them everything.

But late to the game? That’s baby talk. The Reuters writers obviously first heard of smartphones in 2008 and got their first ones a year later. Duh.


  1. A dose of venom up there. Lol.
    The qualifiers, modern look smartphones UI, UX and applications store would have been in order.

    I still believe Windows Phone 8 will eventually vindicate Elop. The UI and UX have been praised by those who tried it, while Microsoft is supporting all the connection, communication and file sharing options and at the same time building the Windows application store. It can only get better.

  2. Mr. Mobility your so right, it baffles me that this kind of bad reporting by certain tech blogs still go on. Well they are not accountable to any one so I guess they can write what they want.

  3. kai, these writers don touch Mr Mo where it hurts most…lol. American tech writers have really never been global in their view of anything Nokia. they only see it as it is within their American market.

    Was watching them again tearing down at Nokia on CNN this evening about their 50% price slash on the Lumia 900 and their rush to rake in whatever they could from that line before the launch of windows 8. Nothing optimistic was said about Nokia neither by CNN’s Foster nor the invited tech blogger.

    Like Henry, I believe Elop will be vindicated when windows 8 gets launched.

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