With Smile Communications’ planned 4G LTE Lagos launch, the question began that began to bug me was, “What LTE phones that are compatible with their

These LTE phones are available in Nigeria already

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With Smile Communications’ planned 4G LTE Lagos launch, the question began that began to bug me was, “What LTE phones that are compatible with their service are there in the market right now?” I hunted around and found LTE Maps, a website that lists LTE Bands by country. If that source is correct, Smile is licensed to use the band LTE-800. Just so you know, Globacom is LTE-2100 and CAPCOM (if ever they show up) is LTE-1900. I couldn’t find any info on the other GSM networks, but it is looking like we are going to have a bedlam of LTE bands criss-crossing the country. Spectranet is using LTE-2300.

Getting confused already? Sorry.

PS: The info on LTE maps suggests that Airtel and MTN do not have LTE licenses. SuperSanusi confirms that indeed Airtel Nigeria does not have a license despite news that it completed LTE trials early last year:

Anyway, back to Smile. So, if you want to buy a Smile SIM, you need to make sure that your device is compatible with LTE-800. Not to worry; that covers a lot of devices. I did some quick research and have a fairly long list of devices for you to pick from:

Windows Phone OS

Nokia Lumia 625
Nokia Lumia 920***
Nokia Lumia 925***
Nokia Lumia 1020***

Android OS

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3***
Samsung Galaxy S4 and above***
Samsung Galaxy Note and Tabs 3***
HTC One Mini
Sony Xperia Z and above***
LG Optimus G E975***
LG Nexus 5
LG Nexus 7***

BlackBerry 10 OS

BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry Q5
BlackBerry Z30***

If you would love to give Smile a try, the above phones and tablets are good to go. The list is not exhaustive. I have only attempted to show that there are more than enough smartphones and tablets capable of LTE already in the market – and in many cases already in your hands.

By the way, some of the above devices (the ones marked with a triple asterix) are also compatible with LTE-2100 which LTE Maps says Glo is licensed for.

Disclaimer: The author and Mobility are not responsible for your buying decisions based on the above information. Please verify before making any purchases. We have attempted to verify everything in this article, but you are responsible for making sure of the compatibility of devices that you purchase.


  1. Since smile does not support voice there would be no need using it for now what do you think Mr Mo?

  2. Most of the phones listed have have many variants for different regions. I’ve not really noticed this in Nokia Phones but the BlackBerry Z10 STL-100-1and Samsung Galaxy S4-9500 do not have LTE. These are the officially available variants in Nigeria.

  3. I think the launch of a data-centric network is good news. about LTE bands, devices that support LTE and device variants, I think that’s bedlam. this is a problem in America, different service providers have different bands, that’s one of the reasons why carriers subsidize handset prices (especially Verizon & Sprint). when Smile launches we’ll start to find our feet

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