The TECNO Phantom 5 has a 13 megapixels rear camera with dual LED flash and an 8 megapixel front-facing camera with flashlight. I took the

These photographs were taken with the TECNO Phantom 5

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The TECNO Phantom 5 has a 13 megapixels rear camera with dual LED flash and an 8 megapixel front-facing camera with flashlight. I took the TECNO Phantom 5 for a spin on two occasions – one an indoor event and the other out in nature. I have a few photographs to show you. Sit back and enjoy. To view the full-sized images (some of them are over 5MB large), click on the specific photo of interest below.


Glassware. Indoors. No flash:
TECNO P5 camera close-up glass

Flower decoration. Indoors. With flash:
TECNO P5 camera flowers


Coconut trees against the sky. Outdoors. No flash:
TECNO P5 camera coconut trees


Selfie using front-facing camera. Outdoors. No flash:
TECNO P5 camera selfie


Sorry, but I don’t have night shots at this time. I haven’t had a night event in recent times. However, you can be sure that I will get more photos to test the low-light capabilities of the Phantom 5. For a long time, photography was not a strong point of TECNO smartphones, but starting from the Camon C8, it appears that TECNO has been paying more attention to the imaging capabilities of their phones.

What do you think of the above photos?

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  1. impressive, TECNO have outdone themselves with the Phantom 5. they seem to have worked on all their weak points, hope it’s forward and upward from here

  2. I think the pictures are great for a TECNO device but expected of a premium device.

    That selfie shot reminds me of the nokia 808 pureview though. Ol’boi That phone will show you every hole in your face. Magnificient camera then!

    By the way Mr Mo, where did you take that coconut shot?

  3. Err boss, could you zoom in a bit more in that outdoor shot? I didn’t quite catch the nasal hairs in glorious pixels.

    I’ve seen pics from both the Camon 8 and Tecno Phantom 5 to date, credit where it is due, it does take some good natural light photos. What I’d like to see more of are photos on low/poor lighting, to compare with other phones in the same bracket.

  4. Let’s hope he takes Mrs Mo and the new baby out one of these nights…

    Apparently some more people are waiting for low light shots to be convinced this device is worth the price

  5. Dude, you have a one track mind! The baby Olamide was referring to was the Phantom 5.

    But never say “never”. I have two friends who were the surprise babies 😀

  6. The pictures are beautiful,wish there some low shots to show how the camera copes under more tasking conditions..

  7. Haha, thank u o noni, I wonder why Mr Mo’s mind went straight to real baby.

    Mr Mo, that means you retired but your mind is still there somehow. Maybe you should do one more or plan for one of those “wide gap last borns”, you know, those ones that just happen but you decide to keep anyway. 🙂

  8. The greatest mistake I found on this phone is the naming. I have been To slot twice for this phone but still come back empty handed ……just because of side talk regards tecno, “tecno ke” “emi tecno” “malee sef no go accept tecno”, no matter how the sales girl persuade them they seems not listen.

    You also hardly find “big guys” around their stand, hat it been this phone was given a name like infinix something it could have made it more popular and sell more. I advice Tecno in Nigeria to start producing their product under different name or else it will be very difficult to sell a flagship.

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