Matthew Miller is perhaps the world’s top mobile tech reviewer. He has owned over 200 different devices running Palm, Linux, Symbian, Newton, BlackBerry, iOS, Android,

These top techies all think that BlackBerry Passport is the best

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Matthew Miller is perhaps the world’s top mobile tech reviewer. He has owned over 200 different devices running Palm, Linux, Symbian, Newton, BlackBerry, iOS, Android, webOS, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone operating systems. His current collection includes a Nokia Lumia 1520, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, BlackBerry Passport, Sony Xperia Z3, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and many more. His verdict on the Passport:

I like the iPhone 6 Plus and my Android phones, but the BlackBerry Passport gets things done more efficiently and is a joy to use. (Source)

SuperSanusi is one of Nigeria’s leading tech bloggers. His present smartphone collection includes the Passport and HTC One M8, and he thinks too that the BlackBerry Passport is king of the pack:

Then there’s Mr. Mo, Africa’s foremost mobile tech blogger and reviewer, who has owned over 120 mobile devices running Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android, webOS, iOS, Windows Phone and Firefox operating systems since 2001. His current collection includes a BlackBerry Passport, Nokia Lumia 930, Innjoo One 3G HD and Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 3G. He agrees with the sentiment that BlackBerry passport is highly underrated and is the most capable smartphone in the market:

I have only played with the Passport for a few minutes, and I think it is a great device. But the best? Are these fellas on to something? Do you agree with them? What device would you pick as the best smartphone in the market now?


  1. I will have to use it for sometime too concur, but for now my android (Samsung Galaxy grand duos) and my lumia 535 seems to struggle for supremacy.

  2. wouldn’t go that far, but I’ll say this, there’s something about a BlackBerry device that puts you in the zone. for some reason BlackBerry just screams productivity, it just brings that extra focus into the equation. I’ve noticed that clients that use Blackberrys tend to close deals quickly and on better terms than most people. it’s just my experience and is probably not indicative of the general trend but it counts for something

  3. Not surprising, considering how BlackBerry started out: as king of the enterprise sector. Somehow Android always feels more “playful”, though Google is working hard to change that perception.

  4. I use the Lumia 930 and the BlackBerry Passport. And the ratio of usage is at least 80:20.

    In fact, I am considering getting rid of the L930 entirely. The only thing it does better than the Passport is take better pictures and video. But the Passport’s camera is very good now.

    Also, the Passport has great battery life.

    For a long time, I’ve waited to buy a smartphone with large touchscreen display and physical qwerty keyboard (like the old Dell Venue Pro). The BlackBerry Passport is the closest phone in the market to come close to that ideal.

    I’ve not used an android phone for more than two years, and I’ve never used (and don’t ever want to use) an iPhone. But the BlackBerry Passport is the best available smartphone for me. BlackBerry has gone a great job with BB10 OS and the phone hardware.

  5. I think i will agree with @AskIchthys, they still rule the enterprise world but for now I’m still playful hence my love for Droid and my windows phone.

  6. I use a passport too and though this phone feels larger than life sometimes, there is really almost nothing this device can’t get done. Email integration…second to none. Music…very good. Camera…Fair. Document and file management…superb. Multimedia, in general…not bad.

    Only con for me is the size. Mehn, this phone is wide Sometimes, I just wanna relax and use only one hand, but no, passport won’t allow that.

    This phone is the greatest work and productivity tool out there at the moment.

    Plus, is it just me or this phone doesn’t really have a pouch?

  7. Your problem is you can’t see past the dying/dead brand, whichever you prefer. Look beyond your hate for BlackBerry and embrace your love for innovation and productivity.

  8. BlackBerry is for business execs; iPhones are for hip youngstas and fashionistas; Android is for geeks; Windows Phone is for…

  9. Peter, Which one do you prefer?? Android or Windows phone. Let’s say you’re asked to choose just one.

  10. @olusheenor I think I will go for the Droid, it’s just too limitless for young brain, but as I age further I will either settle for blackberry or Windows fully.

  11. I use a z30 and I highly recommend it. BlackBerry has changed I get to run most android apps and also keep its excellent email and messenger service.

  12. The only reason I don’t own a Passport (yet) is cash. I fell in love with it even before seeing it. I tried purchasing this during last #BlackFriday but you probably know how that went… ( The only reason I’ll keep a second phone (android) if I own passport is because of some apps that may not be supported.

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