I still do not have words to express the raw anger that I feel at the news of scores of school children who were murdered

They have come for our children

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Government Secondary School, Yobe

I still do not have words to express the raw anger that I feel at the news of scores of school children who were murdered in cold blood yesterday in the town of Mamudo in Yobe state. I still seethe with rage at how gun men stormed the Government Secondary School and shot defenseless children, killing and maiming. Some were set on fire and burnt alive. Some staff of the school ended up as casualty too, with at least one teacher confirmed dead.

Shall I weep, scream, or curse? I feel like doing all of that at the same time. What more can I do? I am pained. Let it be said, the Boko Haram insurgency is a horrible monster that needs to be destroyed. Whatever were the origins of this group in terms of human machinations, it is from the pit of hell. These men and women who sponsor and instigate this madness are debased. Those who are themselves operatives and actually carry out these acts are evil animals.

I may not have the answers to this scenario. I am not trained in the art of intelligence or of combat. Nether am I schooled in governance. However, I expect that the government of my country will take responsibility and deal with this situation. Where is our Commander-in-Chief when we need him? The enemy have come for our children, and we are left helpless by those who swore to protect us. Imagine the horror that those children faced as masked men turned guns on them, or set people on fire. Those who survive cannot but bear mental and emotional scars, the repercussions of which no-one fully can tell.

As a parent, I shiver at this event. I cannot begin to imagine the trauma on the parents and families of the murdered children. I cringe. I am torn. This is not right. This cannot go on. You know how it works: Boko Haram pulled this off successfully; they will attempt to replicate it again and again elsewhere. No; this cannot go on.

Wait! Did someone raise the idea of amnesty for these murdering animals? Something is wrong with the leadership of this country. Something is fundamentally wrong. Amnesty? Like I said, I struggle to express what I feel, and I honestly CANNOT express all that I feel here. I suspect that I am not fully coherent. Never mind. I have at least spoken. Here is my parting shot on this: Nigeria is sitting precariously on a huge keg of gunpowder. We cannot go on like this for long. Something has got to give. When it does, if we do not arrest this downward spin, God help us all.


A friend just said to me that perhaps government forces have made it impossible for them to target anywhere else. Good point. If that is so, I can imagine how no one would have thought that the BH insurgents could go after children, and so no one thought to look in that direction. That is possible, and these Boko Haram guys have shown us how much of animals they are by targeting children. Now we know that nothing is beneath them. Children?

I say, please exterminate these animals. Crush them completely. May God be with our soldiers who lay their lives on the line so the rest of us can have peace.

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  1. Words cannot truly express how one feel with this situation, especially for a parent. Sad indeed!

    May God help us in this country.

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