I have owned a Nokia Lumia 610 for many months now. It is a low-end Windows Phone 7 smartphone. This blog is littered with accounts

Things are different with budget Windows Phone 8

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Nokia Lumia 610 and 520

I have owned a Nokia Lumia 610 for many months now. It is a low-end Windows Phone 7 smartphone. This blog is littered with accounts of my complaints about the device. It is slow and can frustrate the life out of almost any user. My conclusion was that Windows Phone is a mess at the low-end. Since the advent of Windows Phone 8, however, I have reviewed only the 920 and hadn’t had my hands on a low-end phone running the new OS. Last weekend, I had the Lumia 520 in my hands for a few hours and took it through a quick spin.

The Nokia Lumia 520 runs a Dual-core 1 GHz processor and 512MB of RAM, which is way above what the 610 offers. I was hoping for a better experience. I got a much better experience. EVERYTHING is miles faster and sweeter to use. Using the Lumia 520 was almost like using Windows Phone on a a high-end device. If you have followed my complaints about the Lumia 610, you know that WhatsApp is a horrible drag on that device. On the 520, WhatsApp is a joy!

Then, there is the new microSD and USB mass storage support in Windows Phone 8. The Lumia 520 incorporates both and I used them without issues. I am not here to review the Nokia Lumia 520, as I had it for only a very brief period. I am really just surprised at the huge leap that Windows Phone has taken in the low-end between last year and now.

Were you staying off budget Windows Phone 8 smartphones because of how slow they ran on Windows Phone 7 on last year’s hardware? Things are different with the new range and you can rest your fears. Low-end Windows Phone 8 rocks nicely.


  1. You’re absolutely right about wp8 rocking at the low end, with the debut of the Lumia 520…but it comes with a few caveats, which I am writing about interestingly, should post tomorrow.

  2. Yeah, I played with the Nokia Lumia 520 some two weeks back at Slot and it sure was running smoothly. On that brief hands-on too, I noticed a small difference with the Lumia 920.

    Maybe with addition of third party software, things may change, otherwise the device is just cool. Delving further into its operations may reveal further limitation though, but I think the device is good at that price for anyone who can live with Windows Phone limitations.

  3. Considering that high end windows phone 7 device of yesterday is practically low end Windows phone 8 device of today (comparing the Lumia 800 to the 520)… it should be this responsive.

  4. I wasn’t put off of the lower end WP8 phones, my first device was a Lumia 620 which led me to get the Lumia 820.

    If I’m correct, didn’t someone at Microsoft say that Windows Phone wasn’t good at the low end or similar? Methinks the Lumia 610 was an experiment to see the limitations of Windows Phone, which has given us the much improved 520.

    But no one has tried the 420…

  5. Mr Mo is absolutely correct with his assertion, Am a testament to the facts he raised.

    The difference between the WP7.5/7.8 with WP8 is simply amazing. The experience was much better and fulfilling;the efficiency of the apps on WP8 got me impressed especially .

  6. Mr Mo, this should have come while the deal of the week for lumia 520 was on. In other words, for me, this write-up is medicine after death

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