Here is a quick list of features on the HTC HD7 that have me drooling and wanting a Windowsphone for myself. Neat, clean, aesthetic, elegant,

Things I like about the HTC HD7

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Here is a quick list of features on the HTC HD7 that have me drooling and wanting a Windowsphone for myself.

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  1. Neat, clean, aesthetic, elegant, polished user interface
  2. the soft keyboard: I am a hardware QWERTY person, but the soft Windowsphone 7 keyboard on the HTC HD7 has me converted. Finally.
  3. What made me fall in love at first with this device was the email experience. My opinion – it is the best email experience on any smartphone platform (and I have used ALL of them). It also supports multiple Microsoft Exchange accounts
  4. the large, bright 4.3-inch display: In my life before the HD7 (BHD7), I used to be comfortable with smaller displays. I must be getting old because this huge screen is rocking my boat. It is great for web browsing, reading Office documents and watching videos. I haven’t tried games yet, but…
  5. web browser: this time, Internet Explorer Mobile (v7) has come of age. Forget whatever you experienced on Windows Mobile 6.5. This here is one of the most capable mobile browsers – its got multiple tabs, excellent rendering, text reflow
  6. clean, functional desktop: large tiles, notifications on tiles, and subtle effects. You can pin anything – contacts, movies, music, bookmarks, Facebook status – to the desktop
  7. online services integration with contacts in the People hub. There’s Facebook, Gogle, Live, etc
  8. the Me card makes it easy to update your status or change your profile picture across multiple social networking sites
  9. answering calls: Yes; it is innovative and functional. When a call comes in, the answer and reject buttons are hidden on the screen by a full size picture of the caller. You swipe/slide up to uncover the answer/reject buttons. This cool feature makes it difficult for your calls to be picked up accidentally
  10. tight integration of entire OS: For example, I received an email with a PDF file attached. When I downloaded the file and tapped it to launch, the phone informed me that PDF reader was available for download in the MarketPlace and gave me the option to download right away, so I could view the file. We know of some mobile OS that will simply tell you, “No viewer is available to open this file”. No assistance offered, no direction, no help. This here on HTC HD7/Windowsphone 7 is what I call smart tight integration.

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  1. I absolutely love HTC phones (especially the Desire)and they’ve been highly impressive in terms of build, interface and the whole package. Although I currently use Winmo 6.5, I have no doubt as to the power and capabilities of Winmo 7. My next phone would definitely be Windows Mobile 7 🙂 Can’t wait.

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