Here is the story of the 7-Year Old Millionaire who is making a killing on Youtube. So, you have been dreaming of starting your own YouTube

This 7-Year Old Millionaire is ABSOLUTELY Crushing Vlogging on YouTube

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Here is the story of the 7-Year Old Millionaire who is making a killing on Youtube.

So, you have been dreaming of starting your own YouTube channel and carving a niche for yourself in that pretty competitive terrain…BUT you have not taken a single step. While you dilly-dallied, a seven-year-old boy (with his parents’ help), launched his own channel and according to Forbes Magazine, has dwarfed the YouTube heavy-hitters in 2018 with $22million in earnings. Ok, did that just get your attention? I bet it did.


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The lad’s channel, Ryan ToysReview which was launched in 2015, has grown in popularity especially within his own demographic. As at the time of writing, the exact number of subscribers was 17,306,644. Now, that is massive. It must be pointed out though, that some other YouTubers have more subscribers than Ryan, yet he pipped them to the high stakes award.


Behind The $$$

In compiling their list, Forbes measured the earning within the period spanning 1 June 2017 to 1 June 2018. This figure is made up of his pre-tax earnings and does not take into account the fees paid to professionals, including agents, lawyers and accountants. Interesting too, an estimated 96% of Ryan’s earnings comes from pre-roll adverts (few seconds shown before the actual video starts playing). Sponsored posts account for the remaining percentage.

7-Year Old Millionaire

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How The 7-Year Old Millionaire Began

Viewership, not just dollars is the main stay of YouTube vlogging. There are probably guys churning out great content without commensurate viewership. However, with 1,226 videos uploaded, Ryan ToysReview has racked up about 26 billion views!

Impressive? Sure is, considering it all happened between March 2015 and June 2018. Apparently, Ryan has been a fan of toy reviews and according to his parents, the inspiration for the channel came when he asked why he couldn’t also review toys.

Things didn’t hit stratospheric heights just immediately, not until July 2015 when they uploaded a video of Ryan unboxing an enormous container filled with over 100 toy from Pixar’s car series.

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Milking the Cash Cow

Evidently, there is a cow to be milked and his advisors are earning their money by ensuring that it is milked adequately while still in good shape. Right now, Walmart has started selling a line of Ryan’s merchandise which includes figurines and stuffed animal toys.

Way to go, Ryan! Additionally, his twin sisters have benefited from his success as they also feature in an associated YouTube channel, Ryan Family Reviews. One video featuring all three kids, titled “Top 10 Science Experiments you can do at home for kids” has been watched more than 26 million times.

7 year old millionaire

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7-Year Old Millionaire: The Future

As successful as Ryan ToyReviews is, his parents have made it clear that they might shut down the channel once the boy has had enough of it. Obviously, at his age, it is fun but there might be no positive trendline to follow as he grows older.

Will our YouTube celebrity 7-Year Old Millionaire get bored with toy reviews? Maybe. However, while at it, his parents are stashing 15% of all his earnings in an account only accessible to him when he becomes a legal adult.

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