It isn’t any news that Android is porous. As a matter of fact, once you use an Android smartphone, just assume that your personal info

This BlackBerry PRIV app warns you when an attempt is made on your info

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It isn’t any news that Android is porous. As a matter of fact, once you use an Android smartphone, just assume that your personal info you have on it is at risk. It is understandable, after all Android is a complex, rapidly changing, massively popular, open-source product.

For those who do want greater privacy, BlackBerry believes that they can change all that with the PRIV, their upcoming Android-powered smartphone. The Canadian company say they have tweaked Android extensively under the hood to augment the platform’s privacy and security capabilities on the PRIV. In addition, they have a few apps that provide extra layers of security pre-installed. Have a look at the icon in the image below:


The icon is labelled “DTEK”, and it is one of the cards that BlackBerry is playing in securing user info on their Android smartphone. DTEK is an app exclusive to the PRIV (no idea whether that will change later) and what it does is serve as a warning system app. That way, you know when an app or intruder is reaching for something on your device that you’d rather they don’t have access to.

But DTEK isn’t all. BlackBerry’s SecuSUITE, which ensures that voice, text, mobile e-mail and PIMs with calendar and contact data are protected from electronic eavesdropping, is also built into PRIV. That’s the same solution that the German government and others now rely on to provide security against spying and wire-tapping operations.

What do you think? A really secure Android smartphone sounds like a fairy tale, but if there’s any company with the competence to pull it off, it has got to be BlackBerry. Do you PRIV?

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  1. I believe all this is mere hyping… There is all a loophole somewhere. So far as it is android

  2. You also forgot the phone of German chancellor Angela Michel was eavedrop not long ago by the CIA upon all the Secusmart

  3. So much paranoia to go round… What’s everybody so afraid of.. N of course rim is here to try n feed off people’s insecurities

  4. Femiblaze,

    That was a Nokia phone. Here:

    German intelligence sources have confirmed that Angela Merkel’s old mobile phone was susecptible to bugging by the United States over a four-year period.

    A report in Die Welt said that the number of the Chancellor’s old Nokia phone was listed on documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency operative. He fled the US with the documents in May.

    A BlackBerry Z10 smart phone that Mrs Merkel started using in July of this year was more secure in some respects, but Germany’s intelligence branches, the BND and BSI, are not sure if it has been compromised by the Americans. Mrs Merkel had used a Nokia 6210 Slide from October 2009.


  5. This is the CIA we talking about. Their business is intelligence. I think no matter how secure a phone is, once those guys set their minds at eavesdropping, they will find a way. Just like every sophisticated intelligence agency in the world, mossad, MI6, and so on

  6. In as much as privacy is good, I really wonder what people are trying to protect so hard.

    Information/knowledge is power, I guess.

  7. But for this being Blackberry I would have said all na empty air they are blowing but Blackberry has earned the right to be taken seriously when it comes to security and thus deserve the benefit of time to prove how secured the Priv is..

  8. While not everyone is so much bothered about security on their Smartphones,there are some whose line of work demands as much security as possible when it comes to the contents of their phones are thus the targeted market for these sorts of devices..

  9. Well, there’s always a market for these, was just kidding around about how much security is overestimated.

    By the was, wasn’t BlackBerry and samsung working on a security kinda collaboration for Samsung devices??? Is it in play already or the project is off the works?

  10. exactly, ignoring tin foil conspiracy theorists and paranoid people, corporate and national espionage are serious threats to people’s lives and livelihoods

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