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He blogs, but he is not on Instagram, Twitter, foursquare, Facebook or Google+. You read that right. He dumped all of them. Did you also know that BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, isn’t on any social media either? At least, that is what we are told. Interesting. I regularly dream of making that break too, but I am Mister Mobility, and mobile is now social media. How shall I escape?

Why and how did this blogger pull this off? Some excerpts:

I wanted to simplify my everyday habits and focus on the things that keep me moving.

BBM plays a huge part of this. With the addition of BBM Channels along with video/voice calls, screen share, Glympse, Dropbox integration and others — I always stay connected with the people that I choose. I can remain mobile and share moments, thoughts and pictures privately and securely without worrying about my activity or data being tracked or sold.

In the end, my only gripe is that I did not do this sooner. I cannot tell you how much more significant my days are now that I can get things done without anything to take away from my time and progress. There’s something peaceful and pure about it all now. Call me old fashioned but this is the way I like for things to be. And this is how BlackBerry got me off social media.

I’m not sure if he is off social media completely though, if he is on BBM Channels. Some would argue that BBM Channels is a social networking platform too.

Anyway, to the meat of the article, Jubei Raziel is a Blogger on, and he tells the interesting story of how BlackBerry 10 got him off of social media. Do enjoy or vex!


  1. Any tool, including social media can be used,, misused / abused.

    It is what you do with any particular tool that counts.

    If you choose not to use this social medium tool at all…because of its time wasting potential, you may actually be throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    That I choose to NOT use electricity because it has the potential of electrocution or setting the house on fire is not necessarily a wiser decision than the one who enjoys all the benefits of electricity while taking adequate precautions.

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