This chat app lets you see what the other person is typing

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Beam Messenger

This is certainly new, but we are not sure how many of you will be fans of it. Beam Messenger is a new mobile app that that allows you to see what the other person is typing as they are texting, letter by letter. Spooky; right?

You know those times when you are halfway through a message then decide its not polite enough and so erase it to start all over? If you were using Beam messenger, the person you are chatting with would have read everything you typed initially anyway at the other end. Bummer.

Perhaps this one will help a few people type more responsibly? We do not know. But if this intrigues you, Beam Messenger is available for Android users in various countries, including Nigeria. Get a few of your friends to download it too, so you can give it a shot.

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  1. Na… plus as always there shld b a work around eg copy and paste or off internet then type.. but still no, cos of low popularity n amt of users twill have

  2. When I read the header, I knew it had to be an app that the two parties use. I don’t think I want that app….quarell go plenty

  3. Get a few of your friends to download it too, so you can give it a shot.

    Na; I wouldn’t even bother to look.

    What is the use of an IM with nobody on board (even if it’s simply incredible)?


  4. You’re right, Ehis. Type in Office or even SMS, then copy-and-paste, or mobile data off. There’s always a workaround.

  5. To quote two of my esteemed brethren above: “Na”. I don’t go around downloading IMs just because I feel like, or because tells me to.

  6. Moi aussi! When it comes to social/professional networks: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, WhatsApp…and that’s it!

  7. only when the playing field isn’t so crowded. e.g how are they gonna overthrow the old guys? after all’s been said and done, what’s we chat’s progress?

  8. In addition to the other contributors, I’m wondering what Beam Messenger brings to the landscape that the likes of Viber, Kik, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, BBM, Line, WeChat etc haven’t already brought to the IM landscape. Apart from this particular quirk.

    Do I really need to know what the other person is typing?

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