This email illustrates why you should take Alexa ranking with a pinch of salt

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We received a marketing email which clearly illustrates some of the reasons I have already given as to why you need to be smart and take Alexa website rankings with a pinch of salt. Have a look:

Alexa Rank Booster

Here is the content of the above screenshot copied here in text format for you to read:

If the goal is to monetize your website, then improve your Alexa Ranking could probably be the way to go.

The lower your Alexa ranking the better for your website.

We will help you to get your web in top of Alexa rank by sending you real visitors with Alexa toolbar installed to boost your site?s Alexa ranking.

For Full Details please read the attached .html file

See that section in bold? That is how to manipulate Alexa ranking. Clicking through to the website, for just $49.95, you can get your Alexa rank dropped below 999,999. And with $199, you can get your rank to drop below 200,000. Alexa ranking is too easy to manipulate for anyone to keep taking it seriously. Without paying anybody actually, anyone can get the above results if they know enough people online. Here is the thing: there is a booming online business based on this Alexa boosting thing: people really do pay to get it done.

Of course, Alexa is not the only thing being manipulated on the web, but it is certainly one of the easiest to, as well as perhaps the worst. Next time you see the Alexa ranking of a website, take it with a pinch of salt. You could be looking at the results of paid or unpaid manipulation. Do see my article, Be smart: Take Alexa website rankings with a pinch of salt for more reasons why you should ignore this ranking tool.

Serious webmasters and website owners should ditch Alexa and use Google Analytics or StatCounter instead. Both of them are much more reliable and less prone to manipulation.

  1. I have learnt to ignore Alexa rankings since I discovered people take it too serious for the unnecessaries. Now I know it is even manipulated by some, why worry over it again?

    Thanks for the light.

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