This Galaxy Note has an Edge over other phablets – literally

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge cropped

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge literally has an edge with its curved display. The active right edge of the screen curves and folds to cover the side of the device. Is it just a gimmick or are there practical uses? Here we go:

One, when the phone is locked, the curved side displays time and notifications. When you wake it up, it uses the curved side to display notifications for Twitter, Facebook, Timer, etc, as well as shortcuts. One interesting bit is that the curved edge can be used as a ruler. Yes; after conquering the watch/clock, calculator, torchlight, radio, and others, mobile finally goes after the ruler too. Tehehehe.

I can imagine that using the curved edge for notifications will result in savings on battery consumption, as well as reduce the inconvenience of having to unlock the full display.

Here’s a closer look at that curved display:
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge curved display

Yup; this is one phablet with an edge above the rest!