The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge literally has an edge with its curved display. The active right edge of the screen curves and folds to cover

This Galaxy Note has an Edge over other phablets – literally

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge cropped

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge literally has an edge with its curved display. The active right edge of the screen curves and folds to cover the side of the device. Is it just a gimmick or are there practical uses? Here we go:

One, when the phone is locked, the curved side displays time and notifications. When you wake it up, it uses the curved side to display notifications for Twitter, Facebook, Timer, etc, as well as shortcuts. One interesting bit is that the curved edge can be used as a ruler. Yes; after conquering the watch/clock, calculator, torchlight, radio, and others, mobile finally goes after the ruler too. Tehehehe.

I can imagine that using the curved edge for notifications will result in savings on battery consumption, as well as reduce the inconvenience of having to unlock the full display.

Here’s a closer look at that curved display:
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge curved display

Yup; this is one phablet with an edge above the rest!

  1. Very interesting, fresh and unique indeed. Sammy, like Sharp, has, once again, created a new phone form factor category that could catch on later.

    Now, 2 mobile devices will this year go down as radically different from the crowd of smartphones: Sharp’s zero-bezel Aquos Crystal and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. All other brands are just improved versions of the same form factor we are used to seeing.

    It’s good to feel a breath of fresh air. Monotony is boring. Sameness is soporific. Disruption makes the world tick and go round.

    Well done, Sharp and Samsung.

  2. good idea, think Apple patented something like this recently. it’s an innovation I hope to see in other Samsung devices. knowing Samsung they’ll make the APIs available to app developers so they can tie in some neat features

  3. The Revealing Of The Samsung Edge And The Need For Software To Take Advantage Is Further Proof That Samsung Is Probably Chained Down By Being With Android.

    This Is Tangential,But, Kindly Indulge.

    Samsung Will Be Better Served By Breaking Loose. They Shoild Pursue The Tizen Way More Assiduously. They Are Too Hot For Google’s Android To Handle..

    How Will Android Take Advantage Of The Breakneck Innovations By Samsung, Like Supporting The Stylus Natively, And Making Use Of The Edge On The Newly Revealed Samsung Galaxy Note Edge?

    Samsung Has To Make Apis Available To Developers To Be Able To Take Care Of This New Device.

    This New Edge Brings To The Fore, The Age Group Of Question Of Whetyer Hardware Should Drive Software, Or Vice Versa..

    Samsung And Lg Independently Implemented Multiwidowing.. Why Has Android Not Done This, Eons After? Apple Is Reputed To Be About To Implement That On Their Ipad…

    I Think Android Is Evolving More Slowly Than Samsung Is Evolving In Hardware.

  4. Yes; After Conquering The Watch/Clock, Calculator, Torchlight, Radio, And Others, Mobile Finally Goes After The Ruler Too.

    My Rambunctious Family Folks Have A Way Of Misplacing My Pens, Rulers, And Everything Else.

    Consequently, Been Using My Smartphone As A Ruler For Eternity, Among Other Everyday Things.

    Have A Look At

    Swiss Army Knife.

    For Android…


    With Software For Anything You Can Dream Up, On Android, It’s One Of The Reasons Some Of Us Remain Tethered Perpetually To The Only Living Mobile Os.. Android..

  5. I don’t see this ‘edge’ catching on..not in anyway. I mean, how many notifications can you adequately and reasonably take on a curved edge that may not require one waking up the phone,eh?

    And this:

    “On the right side of the Galaxy Note Edge, you can see a concave metal frame, when the device falls down to ground, the device is manufactured to hit the metal frame first,” Kim Gae-youn, a senior executive of Samsung wireless division, said at a press conference…

    How so ridiculous!

    Like we determine when and how a phone drops!

  6. Soji, you should try out the phone first o. You might just be surprised how well that falling down thing might work – like it does with cats 😀

  7. @Moverick: LMHO!!! At it’s price point, don’t count on me trying to drop it o o ‘cos my heart will drop with it!

  8. I’m amused by IBK’s comments on the Samsung – Android tandem, this edge is an Android feature, similar to sending notifications to a wearable or secondary screen, the form factor isn’t even possible with Tizen. Tizen is never going to be the OS it’s being touted to be. the MeeGo roots have been cut off

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