This handy tool lets you see how different ISPs perform in your neighborhood

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Anyone who has used the internet in Nigeria for any significant period of time must be familiar with the dilemma of trying to determine what ISP performs best at their location. Usually, you resort to asking on public forums like or asking friends for recommendations. Up till now, there has been no tool to help users determine the best ISPs per location. Not anymore.


The guys at Cchub have been at work and have come up with FastOrNot, a simple tool that helps you compare the performance of ISPs​ across different locations in Lagos.

Data on the platform is crowdsourced, so be sure to help make it more accurate and up-to-date by testing your internet speed there as well when you visit. Visit to test your internet speed and to find out the best performing ISPs in your location in Lagos.


  1. Odd though: when I try to run a speed test, FastOrNot reads my ISP as “SMILE Communications” even though I am on Visafone BIS. I refreshed over then (10) times. No chill. It has stayed stuck misreading my connection as Smile 4G.

    I finally ran a test like that, and the results were poor. Now, question is, Does this mean that the poor Visafone BIS result gets chalked up to Smile 4G instead? If so, credibility issues……

  2. you should drop them an email. good idea, implementation just seems to be slightly off

  3. So,the whole ISP performance thing is specifically only for Lagos State..

  4. So I’m testing from a mobile network and I’m thinking my speed will be dependent on many factors all centered on the radio base station giving me coverage an its controller, not just the ISP, like my mobile operator isn’t the ISP in the real sense right? They have an ISP too right?. I mean the speeds will depend on coverage and quality levels from the base station, no of users/load on the radio network, the capacity/features available on the radio network, even my device capability. It might work for fixed networks, mobile…its not so different from telling me what speed is available to me at that time. Not necessarily my ISP speed.

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