The guys behind the brand, Innjoo announced their presence in Nigeria with the Innjoo i1s model and its successor the Innjoo i2, an upgrade in

Why the Innjoo business model should be restricted to hardware.

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The guys behind the brand, Innjoo announced their presence in Nigeria with the Innjoo i1s model and its successor the Innjoo i2, an upgrade in features to the i1s. These phones were released at ridiculously low prices, such that you wonder if they ever make profit.

Word has come out that they intend to make profit from software and services, from the Innjoo store etc, and this is the part that kinda bothers me. How will they eventually make profit? Considering the Nigerian smartphone market, How many people in the first place will buy the Innjoo phone? And how many people will end up paying for and or subscribing to the services they will offer? What will differentiate their services from the other online bands services we already have? What will make their service so good to warrant that we leave what we have and start paying for the Innjoo service?

The name alone ‘Innjoo’ sounds so hard to pronounce, and it won’t be a bad idea if they changed it to something easier to enunciate. To be honest, typical Nigerians like me wouldn’t care about any service they will render. We haven’t even fully embraced cloud storage and services in these parts, me included. This is mostly due to expensive data costs. Personally, if I owned an Innjoo today, the first thing I’ll rather do is uninstall the Innjoo Store and any other pre-installed bloatware app. I can go further by using a razor blade to scrape off the name ‘Innjoo’ from the face of the phone, and neatly cover it with black tape, I actually did this with the first TECNO Android phone I bought. The gods forgive me🙂

For them to really be a success in a place like Nigeria, they need to step things up, find a way to reach out to more people, and possibly spread out service centers for after sales services. Then their services should be exclusive, and tied to hardware, such that if you don’t own an Innjoo, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy their service. If it’s just by making apps store, InnBrowser and InnCloud storage app, these are simple apk files I can install and delete as I please. They should create a niche and differentiate from what we know already.

All the same, I’m not a staff of Innjoo, so I don’t know what they’re planning to achieve. Let’s watch and see what becomes of their venture. The mobile world is a really volatile one. Alas, we can wake up tomorrow and Innjoo will be all over the place. Who knows? Meanwhile, I fold arms and watch. *takes a sip from my cup of tea*


  1. Personally, If I Owned An Innjoo Today, The First Thing I’ll Rather Do Is Uninstall The Innjoo Store And Any Other Pre-installed Bloatware App. I Can Go Further By Using A Razor Blade To Scrape Off The Name ‘innjoo’ From The Face Of The Phone, And Neatly Cover It With Black Tape


    Sounds Reasoning, Up There, Brother.
    I Think This Analysis Sort Of Applies To The Solo Brand Of Phones In Nigeria. I Own One, Gifted To Me By A Great Guy, But I Have Not Bothered So Far To Take Advantage Of The “Services” That Is Supposed To Make This Brand Tick… That Is, Music And Video Download, For Free, For Life.

    Perhaps The people Have Very Deep Pockets And Selling Highly Subsidized Phones Is Their Own Way Of Eventually Getting The Brand Well Known. Seek Ye First Wagging Tongues And Banda Recognition, And All Other Things Shall Be Added Much Later!! But, It’s A Really Risky Strategy.

    The Gionee, Huawei, Lenovo, Tecno And Infinix Are Quite Aggressive In Pricing Too, And Could Easily Scuttle This Strategy.

    The Vaswani Brothers Of The Honda Fame Tried That Model Once… Selll Your Cars For Far Below Comparable Competition, Flood The Market And Make Your Money On Services….Vehicle Parts.

    Yes; People Must Have Replacement Parts Unique To A Particular Vehicle, But There Are Alternative Services That We Can, And Already, Avail Ourselves Of, On Other Android Smartphones….

    Let’s Hope The Innjoo People Don’t Indie Their Finances With This Risky Business Strategy…

  2. my sentiments exactly. a lotta Android OEMs are trying to add services as a revenue inlet (trying to copy Apple) but the fact is premium services aren’t a good bet because you can bet there’s a service just as good that’s absolutely free. also smartphones users in the markets these devices are aimed at (especially buyers of entry level smartphones) aren’t likely to use premium services. we’re not app crazed like the South East Asians. think OEMs should just concentrate on hardware profits by accessing the higher budget (30-50k) & midrange (50-70k) markets where margins are higher like TECNO & Gionee are doing

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