This is how Google wants to improve your mobile web browsing speed

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The future of the internet is on mobile devices. Let’s face it. Mobiles are gradually replacing PC’s, as more and more people use the internet through their mobile devices. Most times browsing on mobiles isn’t so appealing, this is where Google wants to change things.


In bid to offer internet users a faster, smoother and more intuitive mobile browsing experience, Googlew has just launched an open source initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages. This was announced in an official blog post:

We want webpages with rich content like video, animations and graphics to work alongside smart ads, and to load instantaneously. We also want the same code to work across multiple platforms and devices so that content can appear everywhere in an instant—no matter what type of phone, tablet or mobile device you’re using.

Sounds interesting right? A couple of web companies have already signed up to be a part of this. They include: Twitter, Pinterest,, Chartbeat,, Adobe Analytics and LinkedIn. Over time, more companies will join the movement.

Basically, Accelerated Mobile Pages aims help punblishers in three major aspects of their business.

  • Delivering better, richer content.
  • Free distribution across all kinds of devices and platforms, and
  • Improved advertising models that don’t detract from the user experience.



  1. AMP HTML is the foundation of this project, if it works it’ll be a major hit. Google seems to be churning out new (and better) Web standards every other month. WebP, BoringSSL etc. good work

  2. Not a bad idea,hopefully the benefits of this will be felt most in developing Countries where the benefits of high speed Internet access is still not available to most consumers..

  3. Monopoly??? Where’s this coming from? 🙂

    If there’s anyone totally against monopoly IMO, number one corporation is google.

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