Fan Wars: It is Infinix versus TECNO this time

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Life can be funny. Some years ago, it was a fan war between TECNO and Samsung, with the latter on the receiving end. Today, there is a new battle raging on the streets – that between fans of TECNO and fans of its cousin, Infinix Mobility. It is no holds barred and this time, it is TECNO at the receiving end.

war of the worlds

No surprises. Nigeria is a price conscious market, and when a brand that cut its teeth catering to the grassroots now attempts to break free of that image, it is bound to face some backlash from that base.

Much of the fight is emotional with very little or no empirical evidence provided. Sifting through the jabs, we managed to summarise both camps’ positions. Here is what Infinix fans are saying about TECNO:

  1. Infinix has better design and looks cooler than Tecno
  2. TECNO is annoying by comparing their products with high end devices like Samsung and Apple.
  3. the annoying activities of Tecno agents on many websites are a huge turn off
  4. TECNO phones don’t last long (reliability)

TECNO fans retort with these:

  1. in camera quality, TECNO beats Infinix hands down
  2. TECNO remains the most buyable mobile brand in Nigeria
  3. there is no harm in comparing phones

As usual, it makes for interesting entertainment. Your thoughts?


  1. And the Fight continues without end.Truth be told this one is true and really annoying — the annoying activities of Tecno agents on many websites are a huge turn off,thay are just everywhere with different Monikers

  2. I’ve used both phones, I have no issue with the two brands. These phones are just like every normal phone, it depends on you, what you want and how you use it.

    NKH Viklin

  3. I’m just wondering , is this what the author thinks or is this what the fans are saying?

    Because I’ve not heard any fanboy complain about the points listed above

  4. Whereas they are cousins and are almost the same, one thing that sold Infinix to me was the unlimited app storage. My first Tecno phone had a 1gb app storage that was grossly insufficient, so when I heard of Infinix hot, I didn’t need an angel to convince me to swap. Since then I’ve used 3 devices (Infinix Hot, Hot Note and Note 2) and have purchased over 15 Infinix phones for friends. I’ve not even bothered to find out if there’s been a change on Tecno in that regard.

  5. Used to be a Tecno fan(_atic.). Since going through two tablets (N9) that died inexplicably, and another Techno M9 that packed up without remedy, I have decided to go the Infinix way.

    Not regretting that decision, so far.

  6. The only Tecno that caught my fancy was the Phantom Z which I never got around to owning. I’m on my second Infinix phone (Note 2) after using the Android One powered Hot 2 for about 4-5 months. Not having any issues with the brand… And my Note 2 LTE will be able to use Ntel… 🙂

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