This is not a Spacecraft!

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I clicked through to read the Herald’s story of the flying drone that crashed in Ibadan. The first line reads:

A mysterious spacecraft, which residents of Awotan in Ido Local Government Area of Oyo State called a “drone”, was reported to have crashed into a building at Omiremi Quarters in the community, leaving a crater on the roof of the building, just as aviation sources confirmed the object as a United States’ drone on an espionage mission in Nigeria.

Really? Look at the above photo. Someone calls that a spacecraft? By what stretch of imagination? Who wrote that article, and who edited it? All through the article, the term “spacecraft”is used four times. A spacecraft is a flying vehicle designed to fly in outer space. It does not use rotors. A spacecraft has rocket engines. No, sirs; this is not a spacecraft. It doesn’t even come close.


  1. A spacecraft is a flying vehicle designed to fly in outer space

    A spacecraft. An aircraft. A Hovercraft. They all fly. Abi? I no be aeronautical engineer, biko!

    A spacecraft has rocket engines

    When a spacecraft reenters the earth_mosphere on their return journey , they would have discarded the propulsion part long ago.

    Actually, once it escapes the earth’s gravity, it doesnt need the rocket part anymore.

    It does not use rotors.

    What if the craft is multi functional, designed to operate in outer space as well as in the earth_mosphere? Any laws of physics against such a space vehicle?

    Please o, Leave this matter for Matthais, Mr. Mo.

  2. I tireoooo!
    Well Mr Mo younow that you raised the issue: Hell no that is not a spacecraft,yes I say so with all authority.
    What you have there is a Quadcopter- a drone with 4rotor points and has the ability to fly and take pictures and record video from the air of anything including your farm. used by science enthusiasts as we used to fly kites.
    At best what you have there is a CkD bought from an on line store bellow 500 dollars, and hell no didn’t flew from the US it can’t! At best it flew from a location radius 300km to where it fell. Even if we have the battery tech to keep it that distance, weather elements makes it IMPOSSIBLE to fly from the US to Oyo. Have! Let the Nigerian owner come out and say its mine!

  3. You think the US will waste time using a toy to spy when they have enough spy sattelites to look into your bedroom Haba! Abi una no watch the body of lies, an american move about Arab terrorism

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