This is what a 5 megabyte hard disk looked like in 1956

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According to the tweet below, this is what a 5MB hard drive looked like back in 1956. Yes; it was larger than most household deep freezers of today.

5MB. You guys carry 4TB external hard drives around in your handbags and backpacks these days; don’t you? Technology has come a long way.


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  1. Sure:

    This is one of the instances where the saying, ‘it’s a small world ‘ is so apposite.

    And, really, there must be some level of voodoo magic in all the nanotechnology. Seriously.

  2. Or maybe the voodoo lies with packaging mere 5MB storage space in a size comparable to refrigerator and weight comparable to truck engines. That’s rather so little for rather so much trouble. Just the cost of transporting it to its final destination is entirely another challenge altogether and with that price tag, who will think of an individual owning such a thing. Of course in those days there were no personal computers while competing was based to a larger extent on text with very little graphics that’s more of computer generated graphics that needn’t be stored in their raw form.

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