This Is What I Get Every Time I Launch The OLX App for Windows Phone

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I am not a huge fan of apps. I mean, I install and use the absolute minimum for just my most important needs. As such, you won’t find me doing too many reviews of apps, but I do try. I have had the OLX app for Windows Phone installed on my Lumia 920 for ages now, and every time I launch it in order to give it a go, this is what I get:

OLX Windows Phone Error

When I hit that “ok” button, the app closes. The end. Is anyone else experiencing this with OLX on Windows Phone? Can OLX look into this?


  1. I have never seen the OLX ad on my own, but once I click on any track to play the first 5 or 10 seconds will be ad music from etisalat before the real music I click starts playing. I wasn’t comfortable with it that way so the next thing was for me to uninstall the spinlet app right away from my phone.

  2. Sorry about that, Andy. The way Spinlet works is there is a free version and a premium version. With the free version ads will be played periodically while the premium version is ad free and has other exciting features as well.
    The Windows Phone version has not been fully released yet but when it is released, you will be able to subscribe and get rid of those pesky ads. You can get Spinlet for any of your devices at

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