This is what Infinix’s new Music app looks like

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Infinix Mobility recently pushed out updates to a range of its smartphones. One of the new things that the update added was a new music app, Infinix Music, that replaced Google’s default music app on the phones.

After updating the Infinix Zero 3, I had a quick look at the new Infinix Music. This isn’t a review of the app, but more of a first look. Enjoy!

In contrast to Google Music and TECNO’s Boom Player, Infinix Music’s focus is your music files on your device. The others try to get you online and streaming first. Not this guy. Open it and it presents your music library to you, categorised by albums, genres, artists, etc.

The Now Playing screen is pleasing to the eye, with options to share, use equalizer, love, skip, pause, and repeat tracks.

Using the menu button, you can also add a track to playlists, set as say ringtone, share, lookup the track info, and modify settings.

Not only can you lookup the track info, you can also edit it – modifying song title, artiste name, etc.

And you can also assign and/or modify album art too.

You can modify sound effects using an equalizer, as well as set the app to switch songs when you shake your phone.

Infinix Music is no different from many other music apps. The ability to modify track info is not so common. That gives it an edge. It would have been nice to have the ability to listen to music via Bluetooth. It has a “Scenes” tab that looks like you can use to group your music based on mood. I haven’t dug into it yet. If you have played around extensively with it, do share with us in the comments section. Is there anything you would love to see implemented in this app?


  1. it’s based on the AOSP player. almost all the functions listed are available on the default player on my mom’s H3

  2. “It would have been nice to have the ability to listen to music via Bluetooth.”

    What does this mean? I don’t understand it.

    One great feature for me on it is “Files”. With it, you can play music in your phone by folder. I missed that so much from some of my previous phones (not android), I had to download Musixmatch. Thankful its here now

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