An avid Mobilista, @sokabullah, sent me a screenshot from his Lumia 520 showing battery usage. The phone had run for 29 hours already and indicated

This Lumia 520’s battery went on for 29 hours!

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Lumia 520 battery life sokunbi

An avid Mobilista, @sokabullah, sent me a screenshot from his Lumia 520 showing battery usage. The phone had run for 29 hours already and indicated that it still had 10 more hours to go. No way!

But before you blow a gasket, if you check out the screenshot, you will find that Battery Saver mode is activated. This means apps only run when you open them and email is synced manually. I also asked @sokabullah what his usage pattern was to have achieved this mind-blowing feat. His words:

No wifi connection. Network status is pegged at 2G. Internet browsing is minimal. Auto brightness feature is enabled. Screen backlight goes off after 30 secs.

Not quite comprehensive. I would also have liked to know about calls, IMs, social networking, and email. I would appreciate him filling us up with that info in the comments section. Meanwhile, if you want to see your Lumia go the extra mile, enable Battery Saver. I almost never use it, but just for the kicks, I have enabled it on my 1520 this morning. I want to see what the experience is like, and for how long it will go before the battery drains out.

Please do share your experiences with stretching the battery life on your smartphone in the comments section below. Thanks!


  1. Good job. My primary line is on that phone and that means the phone is always busy. For the other things you mentioned like emails, IM and all, they too were very minimal.

  2. Sure thing, boss; a smartphone that goes on and on, with an untiring battery life, is one less thing to worry about smartphone ownership (apart from getting mugged in a seedy neighborhood, or dropping it face down, on a macadamized road, while hanging to an overflow LagBus.)

    The other one is an expansive screen size.

    Apart from phones with truly horrible battery life (like my former Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro), a passable battery life can be achieved by using 2G for browsing, turning down the display brightness, shunning vibration mode, reducing all volumes to the lowest practical level.
    I also avoid apps and use Web app equivalents, whenever it is possible. Thus, Facebook IM, push email, Twitter, RSS Feed Reader apps are not things I have running the background most times.

    In regards to screen brightness (the component that consumes the greater percentage of power), I make use of an app called Screen Adjuster (Android) to adjust the brightness below what’s normally possible (while indoors ), and set the contrast and tint to minimize power consumption .

    I also use an automation app that ensures radios like GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi are not left on unnecessarily, as they all consume power. Additionally, I only use the accelerator and proximity sensor sparingly by avoiding, whenever possible, apps that make liberal use of them (e. G Taptaptap.. Android)

    Also, if you root your phone on Android (no, thanks!), you can improve battery life by eliminating unnecessary apps that needlessly steal your processing cycles)

    Some also believe that battery management apps (e.g, Easy battery Saver… Android ) can help, but I consider them superfluous, just like Antivirus apps…

    Those are the tactics I (can) use to extend battery life.

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