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Apple iPhone 5c

Every now and then, someone gets excited about the prospects of a possible budget iPhone in the works, and the grapevine grinds away with leaks and rumours. Last year was a case in point. There was so much excitement in the air. But it turned out that the iPhone 5c was only a slightly less expensive sidekick to the 5s. It was no budget phone.

Borrowing a leaf from Nokia, the iPhone 5c turned up in brightly coloured polycarbonate shells and a few specs differences. Incidentally, it has witnessed very disappointing sales. In a similar fashion, Apple introduced the iPad Mini, a slightly less expensive 8-inch tablet. See the pattern? Apple may do less expensive, but Apple is a stranger to budget.

Right now, the buzz is about a cheaper iPhone 5c 8GB model. You can throw away any hopes of it being a budget device either. It will not be. Apple does not have the concept of budget in their DNA. If you want a budget smartphone, look elsewhere now before your heart gets broken again, as it surely will, anticipating a budget iPhone.


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  1. Why free a captive flock?. Price price, the docile iSheep will keep buying, whatever the price.

  2. I believe they once stated that their product isn’t for everyone. if you can’t shell out whatever price they attach to a “budget” 8gb then you best believe they were referring to you.

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