This morning, I found a new LTE network in stealth mode

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While scanning for cellular networks early this morning, I stumbled on a mobile network code that I haven’t seen before now, and it is specified as LTE. Which means there is a new LTE network in town.

4g LTE network

In wireless telephony, a mobile country code (MCC) is used in combination with a mobile network code (MNC) to uniquely identify a mobile network operator. The mobile country code for Nigeria is 621. The mobile network code for this unknown network is 31, so it registers as 62131 or 621 31.

Is This Mystery Network Airtel LTE?

With reports of Airtel 4G being spotted here and there, it is not likely that this unidentified cellular network is Airtel. The reason is because the MNC for an operator does not change regardless of what type of network technology it operates or deploys.

For example, MTN is 62130 for the company’s 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Both Glo and 9mobile too have uniform MNCs for all their various networks.

Airtel’s operator identification is 62120, so that is what it’s 4G LTE network should reflect too.

What Network Is 62131?

I have searched all the MNC databases I know and 62131 isn’t listed in any of them yet, reinforcing the fact that what we have here is a new operator.

But we will find out eventually. Sooner or later, the announcement will be made and the new LTE network in town will become known.

Mobile Network Codes For Nigeria

If interested in the mobile network codes for Nigeria, CyberSchuulNews has a list here.


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  1. The more the merrier.

    Is there no possibility that the detected new network is not even a Nigerian service? What if it belongs to Benin Republic, or something?

    Fingers crossed…

  2. Well if the mobile country code is Nigeria (621), I guess it can’t be Benin Republic. Right?!

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