Advertisement Put this up under links of interest. It is reported that Virus Shield, an Android security app that costs $3.99, has over 10,000 downloads,


This security app costs $4, has over 10,000 downloads, with a 4.7-Star rating, and is a total scam

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Virus Shield


Put this up under links of interest. It is reported that Virus Shield, an Android security app that costs $3.99, has over 10,000 downloads, is rated 4.7 by users, and yet does nothing. Honestly, nothing. Zero functionality. It has been confirmed that the app is totally and completely devoid of any security benefit. I checked the date on the article, and it wasn’t April 1. Virus Shield has now reportedly been taken down from the Play Store, but just think about it: while it was there, people so liked it that over 10,000 users paid $3.99 for the dud.

Scam of life! Cat-fishing of higher proportions.


Go read all the juicy details: The #1 New Paid App In The Play Store Costs $4, Has Over 10,000 Downloads, A 4.7-Star Rating… And It’s A Total Scam.

Many thanks to Portico Research for the heads-up.

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  2. In his masterful manner, one of James Hadley Chase`s characters (Poke Toholo), in the book ((Want to stay alive?)..States that “Fear is the key that opens the pockets and purses of the Rich”

    It’s Just that, it is not just the Rich that FEAR is effective against..

    The anti-virus and anti malware markets, as well as the Insurance Industry basically thrive on FEAR.

    ..When you are free of fear, you are free to live..
    ..There is nothing to fear receipt fear itself

    ..the fear of Viruses on Android is mostly something whipped up by Virus Writers..who are also mostly the Antivirus Writers!

    The high rating 4.7 shows that you can not always base your judgment of an App solely on Ratings, or even the number of downloads.

    Google will just need to continually clean its Store of dubious’s a perpetual struggle.

  3. the ease with which apps get on Play Store is ridiculous, there’s almost no vetting, this is unlike Apple Inc who make a point of testing apps before they publish them on the App Store. also the rating system is a joke, apps beg for 5 stars so often some users are bound to give in and rate them soon enough

  4. I used the NetQin app for up to three months before concluding that it does nothing. Most of the Android supposed loopholes are to a very great extent laboratory thing and not something you can easily replicate in real life scenario. The scare mongering is so the security software developers will keep their business alive. I’ve not used any security software for some two years now apart from the NoRoot Firewall that I adopted early this year to limit indiscriminate internet access by app and nothing has happened to me or my phone up till now.

    OK, maybe I’m dead without knowing it but the fact remains that Android security news you hear all the time is so people like the author of this particular fake antivirus app in focus could remain in business without solving any virus or malware issues because none actually exists.

    That high rating garnered by the app is simply because those using it have not been harmed ever since employing the app and since Android is supposed to be so porous that anything can go in and out without check, any app that claims to keep viruses and malware away can only be good once you have them installed because nothing would’ve happened without them anyway. More like antivirus software placebo for the paranoid.

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