First capacitive touchscreen? Not the iPhone!

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No; it wasn’t the original iPhone. That honour belongs to the Prada phone by LG (LG KE850 Prada). Yes; LG was behind the first mobile with a capacitive touchscreen. The display was 3 inches in size and had a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels, supporting 256,000 colours. It ran a Flash user interface.

LG Prada ke850

The Prada phone was announced in 2006 and hit the stores in May 2007, a few months before the iPhone. It won several industry awards. Sadly, I never got my hands on one.


  1. always lg mehn, y now? so many firsts from that company that others take the credit for. is it issues with patent rights or what? or jes popularity and awareness ish?

  2. I have always loved LG products especially their mobile phones. I have bought 7 to date. How good it would have been if you have this in your archives.

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