Those pesky “PC performance” ads made it to mobile

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If you have used a PC for web browsing for any period of time, you would have run into those pesky banner ads that warn you about your PC’s performance or security. Usually, they claim that downloading something will improve your PC’s performance or that your PC is infected with a malware and needs to be scanned.

Usually, falling prey to such ads and clicking through is what actually does damage t your PC. Well. guess what? Similar ads have made it to mobile. They have been around for a while too. Here is one:

Mobile ads cropped

Have you ever clicked on such an ad? If so, did it solve any problems on your mobile or did you begin to have new issues?


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    1. Beyond that, many of them are ads for malware-d apps or ransomware—they’ll force you to purchase their product, which doesn’t do anything

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