If you think only Apple can pull out crowds on phone launch days, you’ve got to think again. Nokia launched the C3 QWERTY messenger in

Thousands line up for Nokia C3 launch

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If you think only Apple can pull out crowds on phone launch days, you’ve got to think again. Nokia launched the C3 QWERTY messenger in Indonesia and pulled out thousands who lined up for hours to pick up their copy of the device.

nokia c3 launch lines

Nokia C3 launch

The full-QWERTY, candybar Nokia C3 sports a 2.4-inch display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, Wi-fi, GPRS/EDGE, 3.5 mm audio jack, MicroSD card slot, Bluetooth and USb connectivity, 2mp camera, Opera Mini web browser, and social network integration.

nokia c3 ofic

The device is also out in the UK already and costs 80 pounds without a contract. That’s should put it in the N20,000 – N25,000 bracket. This is the most affordable QWERTY by Nokia yet and is set to be a bestseller.

One thing is predictable, judging by the sales of the E71 and E72 in Nigeria, the C3 will sell by the bucketfull here in our own country.

Credit: Props to deoladoctor for the tip-off.


  1. Oluniyi,

    Perhaps you are asking the wrong question? Just like the way some people asked back then, “Besides the fancy UI and the capacitive touchscreen, what’s so special about the iPhone?”

    My observation is that the multitude of people are not necesarilly after a device that packs so many special features; they go after a device that delivers what they want.

    Yes; it doesn’t have 3G, but let us not forget that most GSM subscribers globally have no access to 3G. Even here in Nigeria, 3G is limited to a few cities. Moreover, even in Lagos, there are places I go and have to manually switch to 2G.

    Over time, we may be able to tell exactly what it is that has made the C3 hot cake. But I’m betting that the QWERTY at that price point is a vital factor. Research has shown that there is a growing demand for QWERTY keyboard on mobiles. It is part of the reason that both RIM and Nokia’s QWERTY devices do well in the market.

  2. The C3 is not the first in its class. We already have the samsung corbytxt and the LG GW300. Maybe a qwerty so cheap with wifi and social networking carrying the nokia name made all the difference. This is surely a phone that will really appeal to the young ones in nigeria.

  3. Yes, I believe Yomi summed it all well. There is something in the C3 that is compelling and meets all the needs of the people trooping to the Nokia store to buy the phone. Apart from this feature, there is also the hype that may have been generated on the C3 and you cannot totally ignore Nokia customer loyalty and the WOW factor the phone may have engendered in Indonesia. But I strongly doubt that Nokia would create as much lines or queues in Nigeria or USA or the UK with that kind of phone.

    However, I hope Nokia continue in this wise and keep churning out better phones with sweet price factor. And by the way, the C3 costs only 80 pounds in the UK! Very soon, with the progression of phones with affordable prices, there may be litlle WOW factor in Side sliding QWERTY phones.

  4. The phone is good but the problem is not a 3G. But with the price one can afforded a 3G phone and other social network is he is so wants it.

  5. Why can’t nokia make a symbian phone as cheap as this? It is just a nokia series 40 phone with a qwerty keyboard
    Please let recent comments appear on mobilitynigeria mobile home as it was before now. I’m sure regular visitors here would want same.

  6. @Afewgoodmen
    You are quite correct. Nobody in nigeria will queue for the phone or for any phone. Reason: No phone gets launched on a specific date here. To the manufacturers, we are too insignificant.

    In any case, if apple decides to launch here, i have this feeling that only you and a handful of politicians would be on that queue considering the cost. But if nokia were to try same with the c3, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll see.

  7. @kay123
    Nokia actually has a symbian device or two in that same price range. The nokia 5320 is a symbian and a solid phone with about the same price as the c3.

  8. @deoladoctor / Kay123, the Nokia 5230 (not 5320), 5530, 5235 are all symbian smartphones in the same price range as this one. more choice, more variety. old wine, new bottles!

  9. @EyeBeeKay

    Those phones you mentioned are more recent symbians from nokia and they are touch screen phones. The nokia 5320XpressMusic is an older phone with s60v3 and normal keypad. It has the same form factor with the nokia 5130 (which is an s40) both have dedicated music side keys. As at a little over one year ago, it was selling for between N22k and N27k.

  10. @deoladoctor, thank you for that classification!

    by the way, I am truly glad there is a new numbering system for these multitude of Nokia phones…

  11. @deoladoctor, a slip of the stylus! – there !
    I meant, ‘ thank you for that CLARIFICATION’

  12. @EyeBeeKay

    Numbering systems have been the bane of mobile phone identifications. Lets hope this new trend by nokia will put some sanity into the system.

    Apple, and maybe Sony Ericsson seem to be the only companies not guilty of this. Maybe Yomi would one day do a write up on this topic.

  13. Used to own a Nokia 6120 Classic. It was the cheapest Symbian smartphone then. S60 3rd Edition FQ2. It fell into water and selfdestructed.
    I went to the market two years later to get that same phone. (i luuvd that phone!)
    I was told in two different places that the ‘Nokia 6120’ is a Communicator! Of course I argued, being dead sure of the digits (6120 )
    On checking the net, I discovered to my amazement that there were actually two entirely different / dissimilar phones called the ‘6120’ – one candybar, another – a communicator!

  14. It is certain that the phone will sell like 5230.

    Nokia has been using price for market penetration and this is really helping them to maintain number one position.

  15. Nokia C3 is the next best thing to happen to everyone, those who have been waiting for a good price in a bid to enjoy the fever of social networking, the need to reach people at a short time is Nokias key to making the best in the market.

    I love the phone and the hype around it is cool.

  16. After reading this article i went to the mtn office in ABUJA expectation of getting the nokia c3 but to my surprise d staff their are unaware of the company and nokia promo. How do i get the phone then?

  17. I saw this phone with someone without knowing anything about it. I was wowed! I had to talk to her in public.

    The phone looks so cute. It has this very glossy look that is attractive.

    Also, I feel that if the social networking and browser are good, the phone will sell. Just like Yomi said, people just need some few things; not much. I have always said not to count Nokia out, despite the buzz about Apple. Through all this, Nokia has still sold at least 10 times more mobile phones worldwide than Apple, and in a lot of countries outside the US, they are still the people’s choice (just like Nigeria, BB or no BB).

    The thing is, Nokia’s phone browsers always make Microsoft look like the best browser makers on earth – they have always been crap.

    To me they have not just been taking this browser business serious. How come companies like the makers of Bolt and UC browsers make better browsers for the same phones that Nokia can’t even make a decent browser for. I have always wondered whether they don’t have the money to hire key engineers from these companies, and others like Opera to come and show them how it’s done. They don’t just take browsers serious that’s just it. They think a decent browser is meant for the N9’s an co.

    If you’ve ever used a Nokia phone’s native browser and that of a BB or iphone, you might have one reason why people are going after them even though they are costly.

    I hope they have had a change of heart. Their problem has always been software, not hardware…

  18. If you’ve ever used a Nokia phone’s native browser and that of a BB or iphone, you might have one reason why people are going after them even though they are costly.

    BB native browser? That’s the acclaimed worst browser in the mobile market. I’d rather take the Nokia browser over the BB browser anyday, and for any task. Thankfully, the new BB v6 browser is much better.

    As for Safari on the iPhone, now that’s something else. Gimmeeeee……

  19. Blackberry browsers are the worst that I have seen. Nokia is more tolerable. Better than Blackberry’s!

    And in the Smartphone market, Apple is doing exceedingly well. Apple has overtaken RIM to be the 2nd largest Smartphone manufacturer this 3rd Quarter, also eroding into Nokia’s share. However, Nokia is still the best worldwide Smartphone sales!!!

  20. Ok, I agree that I felt that ANYTHING would be better than the native browsers on the 5600 and 5130 that I’ve used. I have not used a BB before, and with this piece of news, all I’m thinking is … What the heck is the Blackberry buzz all about!? I even thought they had decent browsers. Now getting a Blackberry is definitely a no – no for me. I think I’m freaked out about Android right now. You can tell Me your experiences…

    I have to repeat that I still think Nokia has got it though. I believe Apple is mostly hype. They can only keep this up if either Google’s Android, Microsoft, Nokia or any other market surpriser cannot give them a run for their money. I have tested an Ipod Touch, and what I saw – and what I would learn from if I were their competitors – is that they have focused on the smoothness of the user experience more than anything else. It feels a bit like a smooth-talking guy would be to a lady – it’s hard to resist. And of course, you talked about Safari on the Iphone. I just think more companies need to copy Apple – and I don’t think it’s so difficult. They just know how to make a device that offers a simple, great experience.

    If the Blackberry brand has gotten to where it is today despite having a crappy browser, I wouldn’t bet on trying it if I were Nokia. And from what I see on the web, I think they are working on that already. I would really love to see them trounce Apple, because I don’t think, aside from pricey products, they really have anything to offer.

    Maybe there’ll always be people that can STAND a product that would only allow you to connect to one device, and does not have something as simple as a memory card expansion slot, but that would most definitely not be Me.

    To any Iphone user here, hope you have a JAILbreak soon.

    Love your site, by the way Yomi. Are you on Twitter?

    Cheers. Thanks for your comments!

  21. @johngreat
    I’ve refrained from making comments but have to break the silence here. Let’s put things in the right perspectives. The nokia 5600 and 5130 browsers are not to be compared with the blackberry browsers. They just don’t meet up to the standard. When Yomi and others tongue bash the BB browser, they are comparing it with other smartphone browsers like Nseris browsers or serie60v.5 ones. The serie40 browsers are just out of it except maybe this new C3 browser which I haven’t tried out. The thing with BB browser is that it is slow, and does not have ability for multitabs which cheaper phones have. BB browser has its own up side though. Some large pages that my nokia 5800 would fail to open and give insufficient memory error as excuses are opened by BB browser with ease.

    Aside from browser, BB has its other benefits but that will be posted under a different topic.

    When the iphone/safari browser is mentioned, I salivate cos its just so sweet. I once tried it with Afewgoodmen’s phone and it was awesome.

  22. @deoladoctor, bb browsers compress pages via blackberry servers so it will open any page in the world but pls dont compare it to 5800’s browser..The nokia smartphone is far ahead!

  23. @Shayman

    Thanks for your comment. I happen to have the two phones 5800 & BB Tour and am not a fanboy of BB. If anything, my leaning is towards nokia. But here, I wanted a job done and the blackberry delivered where the 5800 was giving insufficient memory error. Compression or not, all I wanted was to view my webpage which gladly was done for me by my BB. My simple mind says the BB wins on that score. Case dismissed.

    Let’s see how this C3, a serie 40 phone compare in this department.

  24. @chima
    The Nokia C3 is not a symbian phone but its a Series40 phone.
    Plainly said its a java phone, and one of the best in the market.

  25. @Chima
    A friend just bought a Nokia C3 and i decided to do a quick review. First. The phone looks like a Symbian phone, but don’t be deceived it is just ajava phone. Looks/Harware. The grip is nice, one hand usage is comfortable. A 2mp cam seats at the back and it comes with a 2gb microsd upgradable to 8gb.The casing looks solid and tight and the mixture of metal and plastic is not bad.I was unhappy that there was no volume controls on the side Home Screen The home screen is divided into three parts with the third part allowing you to add 5 apps.I like the home screen Nokia/MTN free Data Bundle I sent Nokia to 131 and the reply i received was “Dear Customer,you are not eligible for this promo.Please subscribe to any other MTN dataplan to enjoy cheaper rates” Now my qs is, has it closed? UI Good, old and simple but just don’t expect it to multitask because it has Qwerty(but don’t worry it will play ur music and radio in the background)

  26. @shayman
    nop, i used UC browser for those post and the phone is good old E61i.
    Dont know why the site records it different.
    This post is from opera symbian, lets see what it will record it as.

  27. Im a strong Nokia fan, bt the nokia C3 is a copy of E63. Most peeps going for C3 are misled by The looks thinking its a smat phone.

    Simply the phone is for wanna be smartphone owners wit querty euphoria and limited ends. So the looks did the trick and they fall for it. Anyway mtn 100mb plan is open to all of nokia phones, so the ad for social network is nt a news cos symbian definitely rocks wit the rite software installed.

    If u want to hack ur e71, e63, etc contact me on facebook. Bt till then try slick’s IM S60 symbian.

    One advice check specifications before buying a phone like the
    Operating system
    Office facilities
    Camera Mega pixels
    Screen reolution like the e63 having 16million colours as against 270k of C3
    And inbuilt memory

  28. I have access to my wife’s Nokia C3 and will be publishing my thoughts on the device as soon as possible.

    This comment is being submitted from the device.

  29. Just discovered this lovely forum through google. I read through the posts and am left wondering what a simbian phone is and how it differs from an ‘ordinary’ java phone. Someone pls help cos i intend buying a new phone

  30. def as yomi said the #NokiaC3 is set to be a bestSeller. Just log on to twitter.com and track the current convo on nokiaC3, search for the ash tag #NokiaC3. Who’s thinking he/she wants it. If u want simple and cheap QWERTY device, go for it. It now goes for btw 23k to 25k.

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