I have been following mobile products made by Tecno for a while. No-one saw the invasion coming, but it is here and Tecno are on

Three things that TECNO needs to do

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Tecno N7

I have been following mobile products made by Tecno for a while. No-one saw the invasion coming, but it is here and Tecno are on to something. I dare say that the only brand in Nigeria that is more synonymous with Android in Nigeria at the moment is Samsung. That isn’t surprising considering the huge resources that Sammy throws at marketing. But walk around Computer Village in Ikeja and your eyes will surely be treated to the bold blue and white colours and logo of Tecno on buildings, signage and even vehicle. Tecno are bold and unapologetic about their intentions to stamp their print on the mobile market in Nigeria.

So far, they haven’t done badly. Tecno is selling feature phones and smartphones everywhere possible, and people are buying. However, if Tecno will build on this early success, it is my opinion that there are at least three things that they need to do.

One: Put a minimum of 1GB RAM on flagships

It is sacrilegious to have anything less than 1GB RAM on an Android flagship. End of story. Putting a measly 512 MB RAM on devices like the N7 and D5 will just not cut it. Yes; you are doing budget, but do give your flagship devices some extra Ooomph! Give enthusiasts that extra performance that sets flagships apart from the rest of the pack.

Two: Make detailed specifications and info about your phones available

Looking for specifications of Tecno smartphones can often be like looking for a needle in the haystack. Even Tecno’s own official website does not have any records of some of their newest phones. This is unacceptable. Information is power. Put it out there. One should not have to scour the world wide web with a comb to find out how much RAM is on a device.

Three: Upgrade that brand

“Tecno” is simple, memorable and all, but it has this ring to it that just doesn’t feel polished enough. Perhaps you can play around a bit. This isn’t something that is urgent, of course. A re-branding campaign now will mean spending funds that can be channeled into technical prowess. The first two items that I listed are much more important, but somewhere along the line, I recommend a makeover of the brand to appeal to more refined minds.

Tecno seems to be here to stay. Where other smaller brands have failed, they have succeeded in stamping themselves on the difficult Nigerian landscape. That is an accomplishment that I hope they will build on. When I say that Nigerians love Tecno, I really mean that Nigerians do. No; not the suit-wearing upper class crowd that are the minority. I mean the 90% who are having access to connected devices because of Tecno’s dirt cheap prices.


  1. Very much on point.

    I also think they should desist from being intentionally ambiguous when they list the specs of their devices, like printing 1Gb RAM which is technically correct and equal to 128MB RAM. Yes, they did that with the T1 and though technically correct, it is ambiguous and misleading since people are not used to getting RAM and storage space in bits, but rather in bytes.

    Another one is having at least 1GB of free internal memory space dedicated to apps alone. People can always easily upgrade their storage with cheap micro SD cards but internal storage limitations will plague the phone for its entire life.

    Another one is that they should also avoid making non-Google apps that are free on the Play Store part of permanent installations that can only be removed through rooting on their devices. I’ve realized that these apps bundled with their devices cannot even be updated from the Play Store and since they are made integral part of these devices they cannot be removed either, meaning users are stuck with the version that came with their device or in the worst scenario, stuck with apps taking up precious and scarce resources while not serving any useful purpose. I don’t use Yahoo apps for example, and they are always their on all or most Tecno devices. Opera Mini and Yahoo Messenger are notable examples. That’s bad.

    Just like the article stated, these things are more important than adverts. Change the people’s mindset through their offerings than spending it on adverts. I think Tecno has garnered enough following that if these changes and enhancements are made, the top Android manufacturers will most likely begin to lose their attraction in Nigeria.

  2. I once advised someone to buy a Tecno N7 and her friends discouraged her so much.

    I later told her to loan one from a guy who just bought it and test it out.

    Today she has bought her TecnoN7 and her friends are now palnning to buy to.They are throwing away their BBs

  3. Tecno hired traders as marketers,persons with to love or knowledge or passion for anything mobile. You just need to listen to their adverts or unveiling ceremonies. so so bad.

  4. One more thing they should avoid is making a smartphone without 3g as they did with D3,B3 and D5. that was a big blunder from tecno at a time we are waiting for LTE connectivity from our network providers.

  5. An Android smartphone without 3G? I never thought I would see one. I guess they just didn’t put in the 3G hardware, because the OS comes with 3G capabilities built in.

  6. Tecno’s soul is Chinese . Chinese people do not like Africans and the sooner Africans realise this the better . Tecno is not investing in nigeria . All profit go back to china . Even if they rebrand like they did with infinix it is still a chinese soul . No relation to an african soul except price

  7. To make their phones dirt cheap, there must be some hidden trade-offs.
    That is how Chinese products go.

  8. Contrary to popular belief, Tecno is not a Chinese brand. I know, from a reliable source, that they now have phones that are 3G enabled.
    They o their part have realised that apart from sales you really need to interact with your audience and I am sure in few months time, their perception will change.

  9. Nike,

    Tecno is NOT a Chinese brand? Here’s something from their own Facebook page:

    TECNO TELECOM LIMITED, established in July 2006 in Hong Kong, is a comprehensive mobile phone manufacturer specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. With years of development, it has now become one of the major mobile phone suppliers in the world and one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in China.

    From their website’s contact page:

    Address: 17th Floor, Desay Building, No.9789 Shennan Road, Hi-Tech Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, P.R. China

  10. Mr Mo,you need not go to this length. Tecno not Chinese? I am gone back to sleep. Annoying, especially when its “from a reliable source”

  11. “Tecno isn’t Chinese..” Neither is my egusi soup! Lol! Anyways, I never saw this coming and I was taking unawares…so unexpected that I sold my Curve 7 device to get a N7. Tecno really has come to stay. I am wondering if HTC didn’t have similar origins. Can anyone confirm this?

  12. this issue also happened to me. i didn’t thought that Tecno could do it! i tried from my best friend advices. but now can go away from Tecno N7 it makes me crazy as it can do every thing i need to do and to know.

    From Tanzania

  13. One thing you left out which for me is the most important; UPDATES
    Its very annoying that an OEM like Tecno does not provide software updates for its phones am using a phantom A3 not even up to three months old but am thinking of selling cause every time I power it up it feels like a two years old phone

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