Tiketmobile is officially open

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I published a review of Tiketmobile two months ago here on MOBILITY. At the time, the service was yet to go official. The good news is that today, Tiketmobile is official and you can now use it to actually book and pay for your inter-state bus tickets.

As the name suggests, Tiketmobile is a mobile service and so the full functionality is available when you visit the URL, www.tiketmobile.com, on a mobile device. If you are visiting from a mobile phone, you are automatically redirected there. According to the developers, one bus company is currently listed and talks are going on with up to five other companies. Payment is currently limited to Interswitch’s QuickTeller platform, so you can pay for your tickets on Tiketmobile with your ATM card and also from any Interswitch ATM machines nationwide. A mobile money payment option is being envisaged too.

You can get more information and updates on the Tiketmobile blog.

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