Tip Inside: What has your mother’s maiden name got to do with cyber security?

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Cyber security

A friend’s Facebook status is the inspiration behind this light-hearted post on this cold Friday morning. I hope you have a mug of hot coffee or cocoa on your table or desk. Good. Let’s go…

When signing up for a web service (or a bank account), often one of the requirements is that you pick a security question which you then provide an answer for. One of such questions is, “What is your mother’s maiden name?” Yes; you remember! Good.

So, have you ever picked that as your security question? If you have, did you use your mother’s real maiden name?

Tip: I recommend that you DO NOT use your mother’s real maiden name. Yes; that makes it even more secure, as I am of the opinion that the real name can be easily uncovered by someone who really wants to hack you. No?

Meanwhile, do please answer the fun question: Did you know your mother’s maiden name before you ever saw that question? Did you? Or did you scramble to find out after you were first presented with that question? LOL.

Just in case your answer is a Yes, be sure your mom doesn’t read Mobility Arena and that you’re posting anonymously. 😉 I can’t shout.

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