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On my recent trip to Accra, Ghana courtesy of Nestle, I took two SIM cards along – one Glo, and the other MTN. My earlier trips to Accra had taught me that Glo could be a nightmare if I want to roam data (not that voice was any better). I was not disappointed.

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Roam data and voice to Ghana

My Glo airtime of over a thousand naira was wiped out less than 15 minutes of arrival. One short phone call that I received alone saw N60 deducted from my balance. A few BBM and WhatsApp messages later, and my Glo airtime balance was history.

MTN on the other hand was a world of a difference. I had N1,000 worth of airtime loaded on the line, and though I used it for instant messaging, social media and calls for hours across the days I spent in Accra, I still returned to Lagos with over N400 of airtime left on return to Lagos.

Of course, much later after arrival at the venue of the Nestle event, WiFi was available. Nestle also provided participants loaded data SIMs, so we could have data to use even when outside the immediate vicinity of the event. Very smart thinking, if you ask me.

MTN says it has implemented a “One World” service, with one of the benefits being that one browses at local data rates. I believe them. That is the only explanation for my experience in Accra. In fact, MTN specifically mentions Ghana and says this is available in 21 countries. If you want to roam without spending a ton, for now, you will be wise to avoid Glo. Activate an MTN line for that trip.

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