Essential Tips for Blackberry 10 Users

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

This is compilation of a few essential tips for Blackberry 10 users ie. Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, Z3 etc. If you use one of those devices or any other BlackBerry 10 devices released at a future date, you will find these tips useful.

Downloading Videos and MP3 on Blackberry 10 devices

A few people have complained, that whenever they try to download an MP3 file or video, its plays or streams instead of saving. They can’t download files directly to their phones. Here’s what to do when you get in such situations:

1.) Get to the point where you click to download the file.

2.) You already know, normally when you click the link, it tries to stream. Instead, press down the link until a side bar appears.

3.) You click on the second to the last option which is ‘Save Link’

4.) It loads and then shows another page to save the file..


Taking Screenshots on BlackBerry 10 devices

The next of our essential tips for BlackBerry 10 users is about how to take a screenshot on their devices. Simply press together the two volume buttons (up and down) to take a screenshot.

Do a Hard Reset or Battery Pull

This is especially for the models with non-removable batteries like the Z30 and Z3. Those moments when you feel you want to yank out your phones imaginary.

Press together the two volume buttons (even after a screenshot is taken), further hold it down, and it will do a hard reset.

This  is the same as the battery pull on older Blackberry devices.

That is it on our essential tips for BlackBerry 10 users. Do you have any other tips to add to these/ Use the comments box below.

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