Tips to keep your car safe on flooded streets

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When it rains heavily in some places, the streets get flooded. Sometimes vehicles get trapped in the floods, and this poses a serious danger to the engines and electrical components of the vehicles. Also, the passengers in the vehicle are at risk. Therefore, when it rains you should try to pick the driest route possible for your trips. But in case you get trapped on flooded streets, follow these instructions to keep your car from suffering too much damage:

  • Switch off all the electrical appliances in the vehicle. This is very important, as water would seriously damage any electrical components of any vehicle. Also, the occupants of the vehicle would be at risk of electrocution.
  • Do not start the car’s ignition. This might cause sparks, which could lead to a fire outbreak. Think cars can’t catch fire in a flood? Think again.
  • Disconnect and remove the car battery and store it in a safe place. Keep it out of reach of children.
  • Do not open the vehicle door with the key remote. This might damage the electrical system of the vehicle. Instead, try to open the door manually.
  • Pay attention to barricades. Do not just ignore them by driving past them.Car on flooded streets

Take extra precautions if you have no other choice but to drive your car through flooded streets. When driving through such places:

  • Do your best to estimate the depth of the water. If other cars enter the water before you, note how deep it is.
  • Drive slowly and steadily through the water.
  • Avoid driving in water that has fallen electrical cables in it. Electric current travels through water easily.
  • If you have driven through the water up to the wheel rims or higher, test your brakes on a clear patch of road at low aped. If they are wet and not stopping the vehicle as they should, dry them by pressing on the brake pedal gently with your left foot while maintaining speed with your right foot.
  • If you can’t restart your vehicle and you get trapped in rising water, abandon it immediately and seek higher ground. Try to open the door or roll down the window to get out of the vehicle. If you are unable to come out safely, call for help or get someone to do so.

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