Practically everyone who owns a car knows that fueling the car could be a burden sometimes. Therefore, it makes sense to save fuel in your

Here are some tips to save fuel in your vehicle

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Practically everyone who owns a car knows that fueling the car could be a burden sometimes. Therefore, it makes sense to save fuel in your car as much as possible. Not only is this merciful to your pocket, a lot of the fuel-saving practices you should try out would really do wonders for your engine. Here are some tricks to save fuel in your car:


If you have not already gotten into the habit of tracking how much fuel your car consumes versus the distance you drive per day, you might want to look into it. This allows you to plan your journey by estimating your fuel consumption based on distance. It also lets you know whether changes in your driving style affect your fuel consumption. Also, when you notice your consuming more fuel than usual, you can call your mechanic, as there could be something wrong with your car.


Accelerating too quickly puts unnecessary strain on your engine. However, accelerating too slowly reduces fuel economy because it keeps your engine in lower gear for too long. You could try taking 15-0 seconds to reach 80km/h. once you reach it, try to maintain that speed and avoid braking too much. Also, aggressive driving can reduce your fuel economy. It’s better to drive carefully, as not only will it keep you alive, it will save fuel. Also, work with gravity as much as possible. Let your car go slower up a hill, then coast down the other side.overspeeding save fuel


This goes a long way to save fuel in your car. If you have multiple errands to run, plan a route that is as efficient in reaching all your destinations as possible. Google Maps is quite helpful in that regard.


It is very important to avoid getting stuck in traffic if possible. Plan ahead, leave your position a bit earlier, or leave late if you can afford it. Plan your routes too. Also, if you need to wait for more than 30 seconds you can turn off your engine, assuming it is safe to do so.


Having unnecessary weight in your car wastes fuel, particularly during acceleration from low gears. It burns up more fuel to get the car from a stationary position into motion. Therefore, if you have anything you don’t need in your car, take it out.


Once you get to 50km/h, a car uses more energy to overcome wind resistance than it does fighting rolling resistance. Having your windows open can increase drag, as does having your sunroof open. Try to keep them closed if possible when driving at high speeds.


Make sure your car is in optimal condition before you hit the road. This is important for the safety and longevity of your vehicle. Therefore, make sure you schedule appointments with your mechanic at the recommended intervals.

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  1. very good and practical advice. letting your foot off early from accelerator instead of waiting until last moment if intending to stop also saves fuel.

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