Nowadays, lots of people make videos for various reasons. Thanks to our smartphones, we can make great videos, better than ever before. However, if your

Tips for shooting better video on your Android smartphone

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Nowadays, lots of people make videos for various reasons. Thanks to our smartphones, we can make great videos, better than ever before. However, if your aim is shooting better video than lots of those amateurish ones we see on YouTube, you need to do a lot of work for your video to look good. Here are some tips on shooting better video on Android.

shooting better video on Android
Try not to shoot videos like this.

How To Shooting Better Video On Your Android Smartphone

  1. Clean your lens: This is an important aspect of both taking great pictures and making good videos. Unfortunately, not many people pay attention to their lens. Bits of dirt and debris might not seem like a big deal, but they would affect your video if left on your lens. At the very least, before shooting a video, clean off your lens on your shirt. A proper cleaning with some soft cloth would do too.
  2. Don’t cover the microphone: Be aware of the position of your microphone. A good video is nothing without sound, so make sure your microphone is not muffled.
  3. Use both hands: Your video would not look very good if it were shaky and awkward. If you shoot with one hand, your video might look really jerky. Use both hands for better stability. Best of all, get a tripod stand.
  4. Keep it horizontal: Try as much as you can not to shoot vertical videos. Turn your phone on its side, find a horizontal line and keep it level in the frame. Using the horizon as a reference to maintain a level angle is a good idea.
  5. Watch out for higher contrast areas: there are places you will encounter extremely bright light and really dark, shadowy areas. Try to avoid those places. Stick to places where the contrast is not too high.
  6. Charge your battery: Shooting video consumes battery. Therefore, make sure you have enough juice on your smartphone before you set out to capture your videos. It’s probably embarrassing for your battery to run out in the middle of an interesting video shoot, isn’t it?
  7. Clear up some memory: 4K video fills up memory really quickly. Therefore, if you have a microSD card, make sure your video is saved to the SD card. It would really suck for you to coture a great video, only for you to lose it due to low storage space.
  8. Avoid moving from dark areas to light areas.
  9. Don’t use digital zoom: If you need to capture something far from you, try to approach it as slowly as possible. This is far better than digital zoom.
  10. Be fluid in your movements: Try to find a nice rhythm to your movements so you maintain a constant speed when panning. Don’t just move your device around suddenly. That would ruin your good work.
  11. Shoot in HDR: If your phone has HDR (High-Dynamic Range), try to use it. HDR produces greater contrast than standard shots. This would help make your outdoor scenes look better.
  12. Last but not the least, capture your video slowly. It looks far better than when you move around quickly.

There you have it. Let us know in the comments f you have any more tips and tricks for shooting better video on Android.

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