You must have seen a lot of tips and tricks on how to clean up your phone. This usually refers to the internal storage, RAM and the…

Here are some tips on smartphone cleaning

You must have seen a lot of tips and tricks on how to clean up your phone. This usually refers to the internal storage, RAM and the software on the device. However, have you thought about cleaning the external parts of your device?


It is a good idea to clean the outside of your smartphone once in a while. It helps you preserve the smart, brand new look of your device, as well as keep your device free of harmful bacteria. Yes; bacteria. You may not have given much thought to it, but you touch many things during the day and pick up your phone from time to time in between them.

Here are some tips on smartphone cleaning:


  1. If you have just touched food, dirt or anything else that could have germs, wash your hands before picking up your phone to avoid bacteria breeding on it.
  2. The screen is the first part of your device to attract smears and dirt. Therefore, your screen should get as much attention as possible. Rub a piece of microfiber cloth across the display. Also, you can use a little water if possible. Be careful though, so you don’t get water into the screen. Make sure you turn off the screen if you use water. Also, make sure the water is free from chemicals, which might affect the coating on the screen.smartphone cleaning
  3. The body of your smartphone is just as important as the screen. To clean it up, use a cotton tip dipped in weak alcoholic solution. Try to minimize the amount of moisture. Also, you could use a can of compressed air. For speaker holes, you could use a toothpick. Stay clear of disinfectants and household cleaners. They are not meant for smartphone cleaning. If you are not sure what to use in cleaning your phone case, check with your manufacturer. It generally depends on the material, though. For plastics, you can use water and a bit of rubbing alcohol. For metallic cases, stick with water, and for leather cases, use leather cleaner.
  4. Pay attention to the temperature of your device. Overheating can affect the smartphone in several ways, including damaging the case. if you use a case and find yourself in a hot environment, take out your device from the protective cover to prevent a rise in the temperature.
  5. If you are not sure of a person’s cleanliness or health status, avoid letting them handle your phone.

As a rule, do not underestimate the effect of your smartphone’s cleanliness on you; you touch your phone hundreds of times daily and can easily be a health hazard if not taken care of.

Besides the above tips, do you have any other things you can do to keep your phone in good shape? Share your tips on smartphone cleaning in the comments section.

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