Tired of ads? Just pay up!

Posted by Mister Mobility

Every day, someone complains to my hearing or to me directly about ads on one app or other platform. What surprises me is how the complaints are about free services. You don’t want ads on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Mobility Arena, BBM, or any FREE service that you use. That is odd.

Question: If you were the one running those FREE services, how would you generate the funds to keep them running and profitable? Remember, you have to pay for the server, bandwidth, developers, and and other operational costs.

I remember that Elroy teased our readers with the idea of an optional subscription service in addition to (not a replacement of) the regular free content, and everyone went ballistic. Note: addition oh! You don’t want to pay, you don’t want ads, and you don’t like sponsored content. God dey.

In the meantime, for those who complain about ads on BBM, BBM offers a subscription that takes ads off, and it costs only N151.08 naira. That’s cheap. Go and pay.


  1. I have been paying for my apps a long time ago, not just because I don’t want those annoying ads… But most importantly to encourage the business… Common you can’t pretend not to know that it is a Business. Don’t be evil!

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