Tired of unsolicited messages from your operator? This is what to do

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If you have tried everything else to get your network operator to stop sending you unsolicited text messages to no avail, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) says that you can request to be placed on a “Do Not Disturb” list.

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So, if this SMS shortcode feature has failed you, you can talk to your network operator.

Now, before you dismiss this and conclude that your operator won’t do this if you request, do remember that the NCC seems to have found its teeth and everyone is scrambling to put their house in order. Call or go to a customer care centre to demand this from your operator. If they do not comply, file a complaint with the NCC. Something is bound to give.

To file a complaint to the NCC, call 622 toll free, 8:30 am – 8:00pm, Monday to Saturday


  1. My network didn’t get the memo. And some of the messages don’t come with a short code. I’m biding my time…

  2. Problem… While many messages are indeed irritants, some can actually be very useful .

    Using an SMS blocker app (with enough flexibility) could be a better approach than a wholesale SMS prohibition from the networks. I can review the blocked SMSes at my convenience .

    So, I will just endure so that I do not miss an angel in the process of avoiding the devil .

  3. Now they are evolving with their scams,the messages are now being sent directly to your homepage no SMS,you mistakenly click OK and you done enter one chance..EmptyHen!

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