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Tizen OS 2-1

Tizen OS is a mobile operating system from a collaborative effort with Samsung and Intel as key players. The first Tizen OS smartphone by Samsung was expected to launch in August this year, but reports say that the launch has been pushed back by a couple of months. The day before yesterday, Eldar Murtazin tweeted to say that the postponement is because Tizen OS is almost dead on arrival, and that he doubts that Samsung will launch more than one smartphone running the much anticipated OS. Here is the tweet:

Back in December 2012, I wrote the article, Collaborations Gone Sour – Tizen Going The Way Of MeeGo?. In that article, I traced the history of mobile OS collaborations and expressed the fear that Tizen OS would go the way of the Symbian Foundation and MeeGo. Here is an excerpt:

At this rate, Tizen will likely go the way of the Symbian Foundation and the MeeGo joint effort. These collaboration things have an unchecked history of ending up a mess. Collaboration can be a pain in the behind. The bigger the number of participants in the collaboration, usually the greater the pain.

If Eldar is correct and Tizen is going away in a puff of smoke, then we shall have one more OS to be added to the list of failed collaborations. To believe Eldar or not? I don’t know. Time will tell.

  1. IF Elldar’s statement has goblets of Elderly reliability, then Google may have one LESS thing about which to worry…

    …worries about..

    …will Samsung gradually eventually move over to Tizen, possibly punching a massive hole in Android”s current OS market dominance?

  2. The world (developers) does not need another OS ( and the app player thing is not that reliable or doesn’t give the same level of performance as native apps).
    Samsung should either go with WP/Firefox or merge Its Tizen with Ubuntu…

    in the future I would love to see a situation where Apps are built on standards that would allow them to run on any platform (like the web standards that Mozilla is pushing and what Google demoed at Google I/O 2013).

    Adios, Tizen…u won’t be missed

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