Tizen OS overtakes BlackBerry OS – Strategy Analytics

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You know Tizen, that open source OS that has taken eternity to evolve into something actually usable on consumer phones? Yes; that same one that everyone basically gave up on.

Did you know that Samsung has been selling phones powered by Tizen OS in India? At first glance, Samsung’s Tizen phones look exactly like Samsung’s Android phones, thanks to the custom TouchWiz interface. Good strategy, if you ask me.


Well, here is the news: Strategy Analytics reports that Tizen OS has caught up with and beaten back BlackBerry OS to take fourth position in terms of smartphone platform market share globally. You didn’t expect it?! I’m not sure I did too. Anyway, if Strategy Analytics are correct, this is how the platforms stand now:

1. Android OS
2. iOS
3. Windows Phone OS
4. Tizen OS
5. BlackBerry OS

But we will wait to get statistics from all the major analysts before we ring the bell. One thing is certain, at the least, Tizen is shadowing BlackBerry. Remember that as at Q1 2015, BlackBerry had only 0.3% marketshare – and sales haven’t been as good as expected since then.

And the next question will be whether or not Microsoft’s Windows Phone (which had 2.7% in Q1 2015) can fight off the Asian tiger, Tizen!



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  1. lol, i find this hard to believe, but then again BlackBerry’s market share has been shrinking, enough that they’re basically ditching their in house OS for Android. don’t see Tizen as an Asian tiger or any tiger for that matter, i think Windows Phone is safe, unless Microsoft manages an exceptional screw up

    with BlackBerry’s shrinking market share and the phasing out of devices running their legacy OSes, can’t be too long before BlackBerry & TelCos pull the plug on BIS

  2. Tizen! Even the name sound odd.

    I doubt if those analysts are not high on weed.

    Maybe they are judging by current sales not what’s on ground.

    Even windows haven’t successfully overtake Blackberry and they are talking Tizen.

  3. windows haven’t successfully overtaken Blackberry how? Is that a joke? The post says BlackBerry had 0.3% and Windows Phone had 2.7%.

  4. It’s entirely plausible if you ask me,remember it’s the number of current shipments that’s been taken into account,not the number of the entire Blackberry phones in existence..
    With the might of Samsung behind Tizen really Blackberry doesn’t stand a chance..

  5. This is interesting, because I’ve never seen a Tizen phone (and trust me, I peruse the phone stores a lot). So I have to deduce from this article that Tizen has overtaken Blackberry OS (whichever iteration) in India. The article title is somewhat misleading.

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