If you are a fan of Android smartwatches, you may know that the software that powers those gadgets has been known by the name, Android

To better fight Apple Watch, Android Wear becomes Wear OS

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If you are a fan of Android smartwatches, you may know that the software that powers those gadgets has been known by the name, Android Wear. It will be known by a different name going forward.

Over half of smartphone sales are Apple’s. The most expensive smartwatch is the one that is selling the most. People do not seem as keen for other smartwatches. Those other smartwatches are powered by Google’s Android Wear, which has just been rebranded to Wear OS.

After all, the mobile operating system of its arch-enemy’s smartwatch is called Watch OS. Why not?

I own an Android smartwatch that I haven’t seen in a year. I don’t even know where it is anymore. After I got tired of the novelty, I put it away, and the rest is history. I suspect that it is a similar story for many people.

The Complicated Case Of Smartwatches

As I have argued before, most smartwatches bring no extra value to the table yet. They are just another electronic item that replicate the functions of your smartphone and Bluetooth headset. And then, they require to be plugged in to charge often as well. Stress. We want gadgets that ease up our lives not complicate things.

Lastly, Smartwatches are still luxury items.

History: From Android Wear To Wear OS

Android Wear was launched in 2014 with devices from LG, Motorola, and Samsung. The following year, Apple hit the streets with Watch OS and the first Apple Watch. Within a year, Apple had over 50% of smart watch sales and Apple watch has dominated the smart watch field of play till now.

By comparison, Android smartphones have over 80% of their market segment. For some reason, Android smartwatches are not selling like hot cake the way its smartphones are.

Fitness trackers, in a different segment from smartwatches but still wearables, did quite well for a while though compared to full-blown Android smart watches. And that is no surprise. The batteries last much longer than smartwatch batteries and they provide a real unique service.

But in recent times, even the best selling fitness tracker brand, Fitbit, has been struggling too with falling sales.

Gartner forecasts that Apple will dominate wearables all the way through 2021.

From Android Wear to Wear OS by Google

Android Smartwatches Going Forward

How will Google tackle the problem of low smartwatch sales besides a rebranding of the software? We watch. See what I did there? Goodbye Android Wear; hello Wear OS.

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  1. I’ve never used any of these smartwatch before, I’m still thinking of getting one for myself, but with what I just red on this article, it’s seems nothing special about these devices

  2. The higher the price the higher the demand/sales. Apple constantly defile “law of demand”.. The Old Africans might say they are using juju, but what’s their secret here… Quality.. I strongly believe it’s beyond that. It’s left for us to unravel.. The idea of leaving a wrist watch at home because it’s battery low makes me sick ab-initio of the idea of getting one.. I have more than enough charging headaches… Google keep fighting.

  3. It’s not quality per se but novelty aka innovation. Apple phones have horrible battery lives but still sell, Samsung too for a long while. But they keep inventing, thinking outside the box and bringing what will go well with people. I’m almost sure second highest smart watch sales might jes b Sammy. Innovate to make a name for yourself, simple.

  4. Never been my thing.

    The smart watch has always seemed like a “luxury” and fancy tech item, rather than one needed to simplify our daily life.

    In this part of the globe, issues limit its incursion into the market.

    Issues like; power, knowledge of use, affordability and so on.

    So, this is more for “overkill” for an average Nigerian

  5. Apple doesn’t “swallow up everything”, Apple Watch just appeals to more people than Android Wear. Phone users prefer Android phones, smart watch wearers prefer Apple Watch.

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