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To Buy: BlackBerry Q5 Or Bold 6 9790?

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BlackBerry Q5 9790

Incoming question:

As always, it is a question of needs and wants. Here are some of the differences that will help you decide which to buy:

Advantages of Q5

  • Larger display
  • Bigger, longer lasting battery
  • More modern user interface
  • Can use regular internet data on most networks, and so may not need BIS
  • More powerful processor
  • More capable web browser
  • Capable of much faster mobile internet speeds

Advantages of Bold 6 9790

  • Low-cost internet via BIS
  • Costs less
  • Battery is removable


Also note the following:

  • The Q5 runs the newer, snazzier OS10, while the 9790 runs OS7
  • The Q5 has a microSIM slot, while the 9790 has a regular MiniSIM slot


It appears to me that the only strong point that the BlackBerry Bold 6 0790 has over the Q5 is if cost is an issue – cost of acquisition and maintenance. Otherwise, the Q5 is the more up-to-date of the two devices.

  1. After your analysis, I would wonder at anyone desirous of a Bold 6 device over so-called ‘cheap’ data. Is the concern about data costs worth denying oneself incredible new features that excite the senses and increase productivity as well? Now that is the question to answer!

  2. Soji, as usual, it depends on the individual’s personal preference.
    Some would consider the price as the major factor.
    Some would consider the modern, exciting features of BB10 as the major factor.

  3. I was debating upgrading to the Q5 or the Q10 from the Bold 9790. Even though I have the Q10 at the back of my mind, I wouldn’t turn down a good offer on a Q5.

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