The Infinix Hot 3 is here already, the replacement for the 2015 Infinix Hot 2 – an Android One smartphone. But it is very different

Review: Should you buy the Infinix Hot 3 or not?

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The Infinix Hot 3 is here already, the replacement for the 2015 Infinix Hot 2 – an Android One smartphone. But it is very different from its predecessor. If you are on a budget and hunting for a smartphone, perhaps you are wondering whether or not the Infinix Hot 3 will work for you. I have simplified things for you. This won’t take long.

Infinix Hot 3 homescreen

Physical Build and Display Size
The Infinix Hot 3 is an improvement on the Hot 2. The display is 5.5 inches, which is bigger than the Hot 2’s 5 inches. Bigger is better; right? The build of the Hot 3 is also more stylish and feels of better quality materials than that of its predecessor.

While bigger and built with better materials, the Hot 3 feels very light in the hand too. Nice.

How It Works
The Infinix Hot 3 has XUI, Infinix’s new user interface. The icons are beautiful and using it feels light and breezy. In our opinion, in everyday usage, it feels more pleasant than the stock Android on the Hot 2.

Infinix Hot 3 app drawer

Battery Life
Battery life is quite good, but the Hot 3 isn’t one of the heavyweights. However, it delivers a full work day of not-so-heavy use. if you push it harder though, be prepared to charge it up at least once before the day is up.

Both cameras are okay, but not outstanding. This is a budget device afterall. The budget class is not where to look for outstanding cameras. As a matter of fact, the budget class is nto where to look for anything outstanding.

Infinix Hot 3 rear

The Infinix Hot 3 scores well in all areas. In my opinion, it is a good smartphone for anyone on a budget. To be honest, I can’t pinpoint anything that annoys me on the phone.

It has everything you expect from an Android smartphone. Infinix’s XUI is really refreshingly nice and easy. And the Hot 3 feels light and good in the hand. And it is one of the better looking budget smartphones out there. If you are looking for a lightweight budget smartphone that has no serious failings, the Hot 3 is one of those that get my vote.

Pssst: You can check out the full Infinix Hot 3 Specifications.


  1. I’m yet to see the phone but so far from what I’ve read it’s quite a good one.

  2. Strange IQ,

    The English phrase “not half bad” is used for saying that something is good, especially when it is better than expected. It does not mean “bad by half”.

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