I am currently on my second Android device. The Samsung Galaxy S (SGS) was my first and my current device is the Samsung Galaxy Note.

To root or not to root?

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I am currently on my second Android device. The Samsung Galaxy S (SGS) was my first and my current device is the Samsung Galaxy Note.

I flashed my SGS with more custom ROMs than I care to remember and when Samsung officially said that they weren’t going to update the phone to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), I just headed over to the XDA developers website and flashed about 12 variants of ICS onto it over a period of time.

I recently got the Samsung Galaxy Note and it shipped with Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. I am so tempted to root it and flash it with one of several custom ROMs that I have been eyeing.

Rooting means gaining super user access to your Android phone. This enables you to do things like flash a custom firmware or do some things that you cannot otherwise do.

I am in a dilemma now as to whether I should root and satisfy my geeky curiousity or stick to the status quo and just enjoy the Touchwiz UI until Samsung officially updates the Note to Ice Cream Sandwich.



  1. Ol boy that note is not cheap o, beware. If I were you I will just wait for the official update

  2. For an indefatigable geek like this poster, we all know he will definitely ‘root’! – if not immediately, definitely later.

    You are still hesitating imply because the device is still new..

    By the way, my inquisitiveness ‘no reach that level’..

    Hacking, modding, overclocking, jailbreaking and such tinkering not for me., thank you!

  3. Go ahead and. As for flashing custom roms, you have to consider the pros and cons. One of the major cons is that you will loose Samsung apps and one of them, Polaris office has no suitable alternative. In fact, that alone has kept me coming back to honeycomb 3.2 on my galaxy tab 8.9 each time I flashed ICS on it.

  4. Flash away joooo. I had the stock gingerbread running on my sgs2 for some time, very unlike me. But this was cause the sga2 just works out of the box. However, that geek nature in me kept pushing for custom rom, before i knew it, i was running CM9. Never regreted the upgrade. The phone is more snappy .

  5. Isit just me or has the quality of articles on mn dropped?.. I was expectin something like what rooting is exactly and the pros and cons. This article, sorry blog entry is more suited for a facebook note or maybe blogger or something. Last I checked mn was a world class naija website

  6. @teebee, Emmanuel surely explained what rooting is and this article isn’t even on that subject. Its on deciding either to root or not. I think everyone that has commented understood the direction of the article.

  7. I ain’t a geek so I don’ really like tampering with my OS. Upgraded my Bold 9900 with a leaked OS about 1 week ago. Had to downgrade it last night cos despite the better battery life I experienced, the phone started hanging unnecessarily with my address book giving me issues as well.

  8. I have flashed almost all my gadgets before with new/improved OS. My Nokia 5320XM, Bold9700, N8 (more than 7 times), HP Touchpad, and Laptop (Windows 7, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, Windows 8).

    I bought my tablet with the primary aim of flashing it to android as soon as I could.

    I’m currently using Belle SP1 on my N8, a firmware that is only officially available to the Nokia 700, 701 and 603.

    While it is risky, the gains and knowledge I obtain is worth it.

    Emma, I know you will flash your phoblet, but I think you should enjoy it in its native state for a while longer.

  9. Flashing? Jailbreaking? I’ve never really been a fan of those. But I have been tempted long enough. I jailbreaked my iPad once but had to revert back to official software. Problems most times have to do with poor battery life and quirkiness in the UI sometimes. Not worth the reduced usability.

    No experience on Android rooting though. But I advise you hold on first and know your device. Rooting too early may not make you to know what you’re missing after rooting. You need background data first. So as to ascertain whether the rooting improves UX or just makes it plain worse!

  10. My brother. Thread softly till you are really sure. Why don’t you checkout anyone with a note who has rooted to know whether the advantage it may bring will appeal to you. Personally, I wont tamper with mine. Enjoy.

  11. @Spacyzuma and @Afewgoodmen- I’m still hanging on, i’ve already downloaded files that turn the Note into a tablet running ICS machine.

    @Chukwudi- Those are the downsides of messing with the default OS, there are bound to be issues.

    @MOG- Thanks man, still taking it softly but i only know that it’s a matter of time before my i start the tinkering.

  12. Finally Rooted the phone guys, if you have a Note you can follow the instructions on how to root on RootGalaxyNote. I’m currently running at 600MHz to save battery power though that is at the expense of performance. Cheers!

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