What’s that? I hear you ask. While I have spent a lot of time with the iPhone 3GS, it has always played second fiddle to

Today is iPhone 3GS Day

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What’s that? I hear you ask.

While I have spent a lot of time with the iPhone 3GS, it has always played second fiddle to the N8. It occured to me that it would be informative to adopt it as my primary device for at least a day to see how well it would satisfy my requirements.

iphon3gsSo, I have declared today iPhone 3GS Day and will be using the 3GS as my primary device for work and play (though I do very little playing on my smartphones).

I will update this page at intervals with my experiences with the 3GS all through today, so you need to check from time to time. I will also be posting Twitter updates, so if you are on twitter, this is a good time to follow @mobilityblog on Twitter.

Wish me a happy day!

Update 12.01 am: Needed to process a client’s order but had shut down my netbook for the night. Grabbed the 3GS and completed the account activation in record time. Safari handled it so smoothly I didn’t think I wanted to activate clients on PC anymore!

Update 12.30 am: I downloaded the Twitter client from the appstore. Found it largely confusing, compared to the Facebook app which I got the hang of right away. Of course, I don’t use Twitter as much as I do Facebook.

Update 6.40 am: I had read some articles saying that a third party app was needed for USB tethering. Well, I plugged in the 3GS via USB cable, enabled USB tethering under settings, and voila, I was connected on my netbook. Easy as pie.

Meanwhile, my contacts, calendar entries and mails have been synchronising quite fine since setup last night.

So far, so good.

Update 4.00 pm: It’s 4pm and battery is down to 23%. It has been an average work day spent at my desk.

Update 7.30 pm: Battery at 4%. Its crazy, but as much as I have enjoyed using the iPhone 3GS, I can’t wait for the battery to die so I can call it a day and get back to the N8. Die! Die!!

The 3GS has served me well today. No major niggles. ame minor issues that I detailed in my earlier mini review.

What did I enjoy best about the iPhone 3GS today? That’s simple – the built-in browser. Well, I am a mobile web person, and the ease of use is just undeniably sweet.

Now, when is this battery going to die?

Update 8.16 pm: iPhone 3GS battery dies. It’s been a day.


  1. The iphone 3GS can tether apart from the US where you need to pay an additional fee to AT&T before you use the tethering feature.

    By the way I wish you a productive iphone 3GS Day!

  2. The verdict, my dear Yomi. How is the battery life for instance if compared to the Nokia N900. And did u push the iPhone or it was just moderate use?

  3. Afewgoodmen,

    The Nokia N900 would have been dead a much earlier. No; I didn’t push the 3GS. Just regular use – 15 minute email polling only for the most. I did some web browsing, some email and several phone calls.

  4. @Yomi, have you unlocked the iPhone are you using another one?. Forgot to tell you that an unlock haas been out for a while now.

    I have found out that reducing the brightness of the iPhone display goes a long way in increasing battery life. Maybe that will work for you also.

  5. I will most definitely not be using an iphone as my primary device any time soon, until the battery performance is improved.

    A former bold2 user switched to iphone4. he compared the batteries, and concluded that the iphone battery suck. I don’t want to have thesame feeling I have with laptop on my phone, *hell no!

  6. @Jesse, Yomi just testified that the iPhone 3GS has a good battery life. And the iPhone 4’s battery is better. You sure you don’t have Any covert gripe against the iPhone by believing anecdotal reports?

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