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Today is the day that the sale of Nokia’s mobile phone division to Microsoft will be concluded and effectively becomes Microsoft Mobile. There is no doubt about it: it is a momentous occasion. The mobile world as we know it turns on its head. Nokia, the largest mobile phone maker will cease to exist, and Microsoft finally in the hardware business.

For the next few months, anyone will still be able to buy a Nokia phone, but eventually that brand will disappear off the stands in phone stores, as Microsoft begins to release phones in their own name. In the smartphones segment, the Lumia brand will probably continue to exist. But the name Nokia will fade.

What’s In A Name?

I will miss that name. Of the over 100 mobiles that I have owned, 26 of them were Nokias. That’s over 25% of all devices I have ever owned. I will remember Nokia devices with nostalgia. The Communicator series especially were my favourite back in the days of smartphones powered by Symbian OS, and from the N8, I became a huge fan of Nokia’s superb camera phones. Till today, the Lumias stand tall above competing cameraphones.

I currently own the Nokia Lumia 1520, arguably the most powerful Nokia smartphone ever. Yes; the Lumia 930 matches it in most areas, but being larger, the 1520 has the edge… you get the picture. Yes; Nokia the mobile device brand will be gone, but the Windows Phone legacy that it bequeathed consumers will remain.

Windows Phone in an Android World

While many others lament that Nokia is gone because they opted for Windows Phone, I am glad that Nokia chose Windows Phone. That choice gave Windows Phone the lifeline that it needed to gain a footing. I have always been an advocate of choice and options. In an Android dominated world, it is essential to have options. I love my Android smartphones, but as a person who gets bored of the same thing very easily, I am glad that I have a viable option to interchange with from time to time. That option is Windows Phone.

If the sacrifice to make that option available is for Nokia to exit mobile devices, so be it. Give me liberty or give me death. I want to always have options. In the last one year, I have toggled and juggled between Android OS, Windows Phone OS and even BlackBerry 10 OS, and it has been huge fun doing that. Variety, it is said, is the spice of life.

Over to Microsoft

If Microsoft does not screw things up, Windows Phone will gain more market share over the next few years. It is a big, great IF. I look forward to seeing Microsoft Mobile’s smartphones in the stores and using them, as I have enjoyed phones from Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry and others. After all, it is a big world, and everyone can fit in.

Adieu Nokia. Hello Microsoft Mobile!

PS: Dear Microsoft Mobile, if you mess up this opportunity, I will come after you. I will find you. And I will…


  1. Mister Mo, abeg stay away from the Liam Neeson movies!

    I’ve only grown to like Nokia brand thanks to Windows Phones, but I’m very excited about the future of the Lumia phones.

    But I wonder if this means for the Nokia X series? And what will the name change mean for the Asha series? Does that mean the price of a used Nokia feature phone will be higher in future? The name won’t quite die out – not just yet.

  2. I’d really like to see how Microsoft kills the name Nokia…that’s gonna be hard. On the flip side, it’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft does with low-end mobiles

  3. Mr. Mo, I really have a question. Will future phones stop bearing the ‘Nokia’ trade mark name? Because when the deal was brokered years ago I was under the impression that Microsoft gained rights to the ‘Nokia’ name and was free to keep calling their phones Nokia.

    Am a die hard Nokia fan and I really don’t know if a ‘Microsoft’ branded phone will inherit that loyalty. Drastically changing the name will confuse constumers.

  4. Like @Noni once said, presently I am in “observation mode”. Nokia(or was it Microsoft?) was able to woo and win me over to windows phone. I am now a windows phone fan.
    I am curious about how or what the next Microsoft mobile PureView camera phone will look like.

  5. “PS: Dear Microsoft Mobile, if you mess up this opportunity, I will come after you. I will find you. And I will…”
    …terminate with extreme prejudice!!!

    Let me know if you need a wing-man.

  6. I hope Microsoft keeps Nokia as the brand name. A lot of people are loyal to the Nokia brand, killing the name may have a negative effect on bottom line in the long run. I don’t think keeping the name will hurt Microsoft in any way.

  7. I will never buy a smartphone or any mobile phone without the Nokia brand.
    My first mobile phone 20 years ago and all than came after that was a Nokia.

  8. I will never buy a smartphone or any mobile phone without the Nokia brand.

    My first mobile phone 20 years ago and all than came after that was a Nokia.

    I doubt very much you will be able to make good that promise. At most you will stay off for a couple of months and then your grievance will resolve and the scales will fall off your eyes and you will then start enjoying better things that abound in other mobile brands other than Nokia.

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