I remember the first mobile phone in my house. It was a Trium, and we fondly called it ‘Triumphant entry’. A basic device that did

Today's Phone: More than just a call device

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I remember the first mobile phone in my house. It was a Trium, and we fondly called it ‘Triumphant entry’. A basic device that did voice calls and text messaging it was, and I am sure that such was the experience with a lot of our phones back then.

Then our phones started having fun edges to them. Rather than the basic functions of communicating with friends and loved ones via call and text, you could also relax and enjoy a game.

Back then, we thought that was grand.

But further down the road, our phones became more of several things – FM radio, cameras, mp3 players, and in this part of the world, a source of light with the introduction of torchlight phones.

Phones have become mini-computers: for E-mail, organising, documentation, instant messaging and the like.

Phones have become mini theatres: you can just relax in your own comfort zone and have Silverbird cinemas in the palm of your hands. Sort of.

Today, our phones are constantly in our hands. It is almost embarassing. Even more embarassing it would be if our phones could speak and were to ask us something like this: ‘Why are you always running your hands over my body and fingering me?‘ What would be your response?

In the meantime, I patiently await a phone with air conditioning facilities to save me from today’s terrible heat.

Please refer back to the question and share your experiences of what your phone is today.

  1. “Running your hands over my body and fingering me?” hahaha!!!

    Lovely Piece… Phone with an A/C? That is much needed.

  2. “Why are you always running your hands over my body and fingering me? ”

    LWKMD!! I just couldn’t resist it…

    But you have a valid point here. I rarely use my Nate to make calls. I’m either browsing the web, or social networking, our playing games, listening to music, watching videos, etc. It’s replaced my girlfriend who’s far away. She’ll have true competition when she returns.

  3. My phone is my watch,Alarm/Reminders,Browser,Notes,MP3/Radio,Pictures,Video player,Email,Games,Window to the internet on the move,SMS and calls.

    I don’t think I can leave without it.

  4. @Izi, running your hands over my body and fingering me?‘

    My response simply would be, “Why complain? You were built for this.”

  5. Interesting Piece and well written. Yes, phones aren’t made for just making calls and text messages any more. Other functions including a portable Flash Drive, Mp3, Gaming device, video player, an Internet device/browser, productivity suite (quick office…) etc.

    A mobile phone these days is not all about making calls anymore. Good one, Izi!

  6. ………..my phone is becoming part of me, dont think I can stop the touching………therefore will keep on saying sorry……lol

  7. Come to think about it, phones actually do talk, when they get fed up with your romance they just beep and tell you BATTERY EMPTY!!! Ha ha ha!!!

  8. I remembered back then when the very first phone with a camera came out, a nokia…I felt will there be much need for taking pictures with your phone? But right now we have phones with 12 mega pixel e.t.c. the technology is so advance now, all you need do is think of something…and you’ll have it on the phone to be launched next quarter. My phone has even relegated my lappy to the background most of the time. May be that wouldn’t have been possible if not that I use this beast called android. When a phone (sorry smartphone) is snappy…ooohhh bbbooyyyy… this is the one that is being talked about. I just keep loving it daily more and more. I don’t even need using my home theater any more. I can just plug my phone direct to t.v and watch movies from the phone on my plasma. Even play the games on my phone with displays on the plasma…..I mean…how cool can it get?

  9. Izi, you would be shock that what you have asked fo would come to pass.
    When am tweeting and fighting in ras lanuf with the libyan evolutionaies,it takes the gace of God fo my fiancee not to blow hot and sublime away

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