Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals will be made from recycled phones

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The organizers of Tokyo 2020 Olympics called on the Japanese population to donate their discarded or obsolete electronic devices. They plan to extract metals from the waste, and make medals out of it – this will be awarded at the Games. Two tonnes of gold, silver, and bronze will be needed to manufacture 5000 medals.

Tokyo 2020

This initiative gives an opportunity to the Japanese nation to contribute to the preparation of the upcoming Games. The project aims to collect 8 tonnes of dead electronics, which will churn out 2 tonnes of medals. Collection of items starts in April. Special bins will be installed at various points all around the country, and remain till the 8-tonne limit is reached.

We think this is a smart idea, and proper way to reduce electronic waste in the country. It is also a cheaper route for a country that has no mineral resources.


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